Booker vs BlaQwest – Pick Of The Week

7 07 2008
Picks for the week of July 7th
Booker –
Rico Tubbs – Gangsters
Rico Tubbs – I like It Raw
Well here we are back again, and this time I have a double header from a producer I really like..
I know “Gangsters” has been around for a bit now and is featured on many mix’s – but it still hits hard. And honestly – I cannot lie – Miami Vice has always been my all-time favorite show. Come to think of it, BlaQwest & I kind’ve resemble Crocket & Tubbs… Ha haaa….
BlaQwest –
Olivier Giacomotto & DJ Tonio – Eat What You Kill
My boy is on vacation this week, but I got him covered & this is his pick.. He wants to send a special shout out to Beat Junkies – for this one… Bangin track.



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