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5 01 2009


Time to do some catching up on posts.  Here are some items that were sent to us during our hiatus. Thanks to all who have been sending us songs/mixes in the mail. Keep ’em coming.  Enjoy!


A sweet mix from Dane Thomas, see what you guys think.

Fast paced, frenetic fidget at its best!

1. Warboy – London’s Getting Dirty ft. Mama Shamone (Kelevra Remix) [A New Hope Records]
2. Calvertron & Banga – Like Dat (Matt Cox Remix) [Destination ?]
3. Calvertron & Banga – Like Dat [Destination ?]
4. Calvertron & Wonk – Breakdown [Freek]
5. Aniki – Nut Kickaz (Bass Weazal Remix) [Movement Music]
6. Dubjack – This Sound (Kelevra Remix) [Venga Digital]
7. Dubjack – This Sound (Breakdown Remix) [Venga Digital]
8. Defunct – Flashy Fidget Fame [Dangerbox]
9. Natty Jack-Jackin Da Garage (Heavy Feet Remix) [Warehouse Music]
10. Affie Yusef & Trevor Loveys – Wiggle It [Tragic Magic]
11. Mystery Jets – Half In Love With Elizabeth (Foamo Remix) [Dim Mak Duration]
12. Shwayze – Buzzin (AC Slater Remix) [Interscope]
13. Oliver Garcia – Sensation (HiJack Remix) [Brickhouse]
14. Matt Cox – Dance!
15. Jackinori – Freak Ya’ll [Static Jack]
16. Kelevra ft. Whiskey Pete – Clean Jeans [Pottymouth]
17. Breakdown – Break the System (Mightyfools Remix) [Illeven Eleven]
18. Chris Anderson – Overdose (TJR Remix) [Promo Records]
19. Stupid Fresh & Little Bastard – Hype Up [Bombsquad]
20. Aniki – Evil Nugget (Van Villian Remix) [Satans Circus Records]
21. Foamo, Will Bailey & Ill Phill – Numb Wrist [Red Leather]
22. Fukkk Offf – Rave Is King (Zodiac Cartel Mix) [Coco Machete]
23. AC Slater – Vertigo (Matt Cox remix) [Destination ?]
24. Bombermen – Bronx Tale (Heartache Uptown Mix) [OMG! Recordings]
25. Defunct ft Sandra D’Angelo – Pingo Pongo (Rudder Remix) [Dangerbox]
26. Tom EQ – Original Badman (Calvertron Remix) [Jack Knife]
27. Nyteowl – Bring Back the Funk (Bass Weazal Remix) [Nyteowl]
28. Oh Snap! – My Name Is Chuck (Bass Weazal Remix)



It’s been a while so heres a recap on the label that proves that Jack will never leave us,
It is run by the ‘jack’ of all trades Hijack with 6 releases already released featuring the likes of Lee Mortimer, Clark Able, Nic Sarno and the Bulgarian.
Their new one is a release from Hijack and Flinch and consists of 3 originals
A1 – HiJack & Flinch – Check This
A2 – HiJack & Flinch – Sketch Out
A3 – HiJack & Flinch – Dirty Soul
Its came out on the 19th December and heres a bit of a teaser


HiJack has this unrivalled ability to stay current, and furthermore stay one step ahead of the crowd.
It is to this end, that their latest EP leans towards a techier, edgier side of house, and is merely an experiment – that just happens to be ALIVE with a jackin vibe.
Expect to see much much more from Jack Union going into 2009, after a renewed injection of vigour and an installation of a dedicated administration team, the label now has the infrastructure to concentrate on delivering quality output, and regularly!
Next up for Jack Union are EP’s from Wongo, Tom EQ and JakZ, aswell as originals and remixes from label owners HiJack!


Dubjack – This Sound released on Venga on the 18th December
Featuring remixes from Kyle Watson, Kelevra and Breakdown
Yes yes yes! This release is absolute gold and has all the big hitters pissing themselves with excitement,
Stupid Fresh “Breakdown is the best for me, good release :)”
Lee Mortimer “Original and Kelevra remix sound like the ones for me. I do like what Kyle Watson has been doing lately too.”
DJ Bam Bam ” Venga is killin’ it! Nice work as usual.”
Bass Weazal “Strong release full support from the weazals:)”
Nick Supply “Original Does it for me hey! Bn droppin it in my sets for the last couple months…”
Jackinori “Ive been dropping the original for a while now and its a stomper.”

More Venga News…..
“Also, keep your eyes peeled for their new sister label JENGAA… Which will provide a more housey jackin alternative to all this Venga electrofied bizzle!
Headed up by Liam Vizzle, Scott Cooper, and JakZ, the first 3 releases have originals and remixes from JakZ & Scott Cooper, Lee Mortimer, Tom EQ, JakZ, HiJack, Edu K, Gavin Burrows, Rene Van Munster and more. ” Liam V
The super-sweet, super mini-mix!


Sent to us by DJ REAL JUICY of  White Folks Get Crunk

MF: Scared (DJ Real Juicy Mix) – Bonecrusher feat. T.I.

MF: Swaggalicious mixtape


1. Get Fresh Poppa (Real Juicy Blend)  – Kid Sister x B.I.G.
2. Throwed – Paul Wall (DJ Lillepige Mix)
3. Let It Rock vs. Hip Hop is Dead – Kevin Rudolf x Nas
4. Slow Motion (Real Juicy Mix) – Soulja Slim & Juvenile
5. Shut Up American Boy – Estelle & Kanye West x The Ting Tings
6. No Diggity (Skeet Skeet Mix) – Blackstreet
7. I Get Money (Semothy Jones Mix) – Sosa & Jim Jones
8. WhatchaGonnaDo (Real Juicy Blend) – Kasper
9. Swagger Like Us (Krames Mix) –  TI, Jay Z, Kanye West
10. Krazy (DJ eV Mix) – Pitbull x Van Halen
11. Dance Dreams (Divide & Kreate) – Lady Gaga x Eurythmics
12. How Low (Mei-Lwun Blend) – Flo Rida x Benny Benassi
13. Hands Up 4 Apache (Ayres Blend) – Fredde Le Grande
14. Flashing Lights (Diplo Mix) – Kanye West
15. I’m the Shit – DJ Class
16. Gilrs Kiss Girls (Suraj Blend) – Pittsburgh Slim
17. Still Tippin’ x Smashing Pumpkins (Hensforths Blend)
18. WTF (Deekline & Ed Solo Mix) – Tittsworth & Kid Sister
19. Thuggish Ruggish Bone (Hey Mesa Mix) – Bone Thugs N Harmony
20. Neva Scared (Real Juicy Mix) – Bonecrusher & TI
21. Beautiful People (DJA Blend) – Marilyn Manson x 8Ball
22. Shake It (Perry Blend) – Metro Station x MC Shy D
23. Pony x Go DJ x Lollipop x Whatever You LIke (BLVD Blend)
24. Shoulder Lean x Queens of the Stoned Age (A-Trak Blend)




To round the year off our friends over at MASH UP POSSE  thought you might like a compilation of their best Mash Up’s and remixes.  Enjoy!
The file includes:
Eric Prydz Vs ATFC “Bad Habit” / “Pjanoo”
Klubbheads Vs Dave Spoon “Klubbhopping” / “At Night”
Reel 2 Real Vs Revox “I Like 2 Move It” / “Ole”
Steve Mac “Paddy’s Revenge” Vs Afrika Bambaataa “Got To Get Up” Vs Bump “I’m Rushing”
Salt N’ Pepa “Push It” (Remix)
Tag Team Vs Joy Kitikonti “Whoomph” / “Joy Energizer”
De’Lacey “Hideaway” (Remix)
No Halo “Put Your Hands On” Vs Love Tribe “Stand Up”



What Dreams Are Made Of v3.0 “Beach Party Edition”


Exclusive Shiny Toy Guns Ricochet! American Dream Team Remix

Palms Out Finger On The Pulse Contest Winner….
Grum – Whoa (TADT REMIX)
Money VIP
Listen 2 The Music




WoNK is one of the fastest rising stars in the fidget house world. She burst onto the scene with a sound that was all her own. She’s worked with the likes of Calvertron, Aquilaganja and had major success with her first release Jack the Technique charting in the top 100 on Beatport. Now CHAMPION BEATS offers you our largest EP to date WoNK – KRUNCHIE!

Check out the samples below….(all mediafire)


A mix sent to us from Mad Pro Management Office in Europe:

I Love House Music Session Radio Mix 09/02 – Mixed by Roberto Winny




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24 01 2009

Thank you for a good stuff…


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