Chubby Mailbag

18 01 2009

Here we have some things sent to us through our email links.  Please keep sending us your tracks and mixes.  We love to promote other artists.

Chew Fu the Refixer

Wiley–Cash In My Pocket(Chew Fu SMall Room fix)(Asylum records)


Chew Fu “Cash In My Pocket” DJ Set
MF:  Chew Fu “Cash In My Pocket”

1.The Streets-Get out of my house (Chew Fu H=H fix)
2.Wiley-Cash in my pocket(Chew Fu Small room fix)
3.Chew Fu-Chicks & Pills
4.Frank Sinatra-New York New York(Chew Fu Big room fix)
5.Frankie Finch & Chew Fu -Let it Go
6.Chew Fu & King B-hey Shawty
7.The Score-We Got You(Chew Fu refix)
8.Master SHortie-Rope Chain(Chew Fu refix)
9.Chew Fu & J-cast-Bakerstreet(Chew Fu Barfight fix)
10.Missy Elliott-Lick Shots(Chew Fu Refix)
11.Chew Fu & Popov-i`m the man in my city
12.Wiley-cash in my pocket(Chew Fu Big Room fix)
13.Depeche mode-enjoy the silence(Chew Fu fix)
14.OASIS-The Turning(Chew Fu Fix)
15.M.A.W.-Work(Chew Fu Fix)
16.Master Shortie-Dead end(Chew Fu Fix)
17.Busta & Link Park-We made it(Chew Fu Fix)
18.Chew Fu & Steve Clisby-Stand by me
19.the Doors-People are strange(Chew Fu Fix)
20.Kanye West – Love Lockdown(Chew Fu Small room fix)


Ladywawke – Back Of The Van (KiD COLA Remix



Zshare: Ladywawke – Back Of The Van (KiD COLA Remix)

After Radio 1 plays from Kissy Sell Out and Frankmusik labelling KiD his new favourite artist alongside an incredible amount of support from blogs, the latter part of 2008 was an incredible ride for KiD COLA.
On the back of this, 2009 sees KiD COLA starting afresh with a massive remix of Ladyhawke’s “Back Of The Van”, which utilises Pip Brown’s pop sensibilities and KiD’s knack for puling out great hooks, as well as massive house beats, wobbling synths and even some dubstep influence. One could be mistaken for thinking this was going to be a lighthearted indie re-edit, until a stab of low end leads into his trademark drum pattern and the bass slams in, leading to all kinds of dancefloor destruction and on to newer territories for this young producer who is refusing to duped into a pidgeon-hole.

Words about KiD COLAs remix of  Ladywawke –

…KiD COLA takes a distinctly Moroder-influenced disco track and turns it into a start/stop/start blissful four-and-a-half minutes…The Culture Of Me

…Dark and dirty with minor key synths and breathy samples…Clean breaks lighten
the tone, but only for moments…D Squared

 Open Your Heart (Roberto Winny Unofficial Remix) – Axwell



Here we have an unofficial remix for the Axwell track  “Open Your Heart” by Roberto Winny. Enjoy!



Ve Es Ka

A new label called Korporated Records sent us 2 versions of this track



MF: Ve Es Ka – Tiganu’ Clubber (Vocal Radio Edit)

MF: Ve Es Ka – Tiganu’ Clubber (Electro Vocal Radio Edit)




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