31 01 2009

We’ve been busy for a minute but we’re back in the swing of things. We’ve got some original Chubby Fingers tracks coming this week for you.  For now, here is some stuff that we’ve gotten in the mail.  Keep ’em comin! 

One other thing. Don’t forget to scroll down and see any new posts we’ve put on here or look to the right.  It shows new posts there as well.  We wouldn’t want you to miss anything.  ENJOY!


Trouble Andrew – “Chase Money (TADT Remix)”


TADT welcomes the 44th President by releasing a spanking new remix of  Trouble Andrew’s “Chase Money” by The American Dream Team.

MF: Trouble Andrew – Chase Money (The American Dream Team REMIX)

ZS: Trouble Andrew – Chase Money (The American Dream Team REMIX)


A-Trak – Say Whoa (Minus Remix)

The homie Minus over at No Requests Please  sent us  his remix of A-Trak’s ” Say Whoa”.  Check it out and let him know what you think.   When you get a chance go check out their blog. It’s chock full of  good stuff.

MF: A-Trak – Say Whoa (Minus Remix)

ZS: A-Trak – Say Whoa (Minus Remix)


Conquistadors – Stuntin Like My Daddy remix


The Conquistadors  hit us with this nice remix of Birdman & Lil Wayne. Peep it here.

ZS:  Conquistadors- Stuntin Like My Daddy remix


Scripts ‘N Screwz


Scripts ‘N Screwz is an experimental/electro hip hop group based out of E. St. Louis, IL. They have a Remix for their song “Brick” –  .  They also have a new album called “The New Noise”.

Scripts ‘N Screwz – Brick (Remix) (zshare)

Check them out here:

They also have a video for the song “Big City Lights” which I am definitely feeling.

Video Link:



Hot Noizes is a crew out of the Ukraine in Russia.  Check out their remixes below:

Breaks remix
CITY ZEN feat. PAPRIKA – Solnca Slezi (Hot Noizes remix) or
Tech House remix
CITY ZEN feat. PAPRIKA – HOLODNO (Hot Noizes remix)  or


Well Known Pleasures


Here we have a nice track from VEGA. It’s called Well known Pleasures and the EP will be released on Vogue College Records in March. VEGA was known to be the former frontman of Ghosthustler and recently parted ways and released All Too Vivid, which blew up on the internet. Check out the track below.

Direct Download: VEGA :: Well Known Pleasures


Glender & Cyon-Unknow Places(Topo & LMK Remix)

MF:Glender & Cyon-Unknow Places(Topo & LMK Remix)

ZS: Cyon-Unknow Places(Topo & LMK Remix)




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