Potty Mouth Release – Audiostalkers

21 04 2009


PMM023 – “GOULED FELEM EP” Released April 8, 2009 via Beatport.com (Exclusive for 4 Weeks)
Original tracks by: Audiostalkers
Tracks: Front To Back ft D-Chi, Beat Glitches ft Zerina, Gouled Felem
Remix by: Santiago & Bushido (Front To Back)

Check the clips and read up on Audiostalkers below.

Audiostalkers – Gouled Felem CLIP

Audiostalkers – Front To Back S&B Remix CLIP

Audiostalkers – Front To Back CLIP

Audiostalkers – Beat Glicthes Non Explicit CLIP

Audiostalkers – Beat Glicthes Explicit CLIP

Chicago-based digital label Potty Mouth Music welcomes the latest international addition to its expanding talent roster with the release of “Gouled Felem,” the label’s 23rd EP produced by Stockholm, Sweden trio, Audiostalkers. In pairing relentless, electro-heavy grooves over hip-hop influenced vocals, Audiostalkers create a collection of tough beats that are playful enough to inspire a party wherever they drop.

Comprised of members Brinx (Kim), Slimmy (Jimmy) and Bombanonymous (Simon), Audiostalkers have performed as live act across Sweden for the past two years. Kim and Simon met while hold residencies at Stockholm’s infamous STASH Club, where they served as late night purveyors of the Swedish hip-hop scene, which mixes a big blend of Miami bass, krunk, B-more club, electro and fidget house. The team’s late musings turned into a few studio-inspired sessions through the help of Jimmy, a studio genius who dug the duo’s twisted sound but came at it through a more refined ear.


“I dropped numerous other projects I was working on in the studio at the time to in order to fully focus on what I called their ‘forward thinking party music,’” Jimmy says.


His tactics paid off, and shortly after, Audiostalkers was born. Since 2008, the trio has produced everything from electro bangers and deep grooves to fidget house layered with rap vocals. While “Gouled Felem” is Audiostalker’s electronic label debut, Kim, Jimmy and Simon have collaborated with several artists on remixes including Rico Tubbs, Keith McKenzie, Nikkal Fieldz and—most recently—Santiago & Bushido on Potty Mouth Music.


“Gouled Felem” features five electro-inspired house tracks including: “Front to Back” feat. D-Chi; “Beat Glitches” feat. Zerina; “Front to Back” (Santiago & Bushido remix); “Beat Glitches (Radio Friendly Edit); and the title track, “Gouled Felem.”


As for the name of their debut EP?


“Gouled Felem is a Somalian name,” Kim explains. “The tracks named after a really old lady who used to shop at a friends store.”


Potty Mouth Music’s 23rd EP “Gouled Felem” is now exclusively available in the online store of Beatport.com for the next four weeks; it will be digitally distributed to all music download sites in May. 

 For more information visit www.pottymouthmusic.com
Check out the new message board at http://board.pottymouthmusic.com




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