Santiago & Bushido UWLMF EP plus Mix

23 06 2009


Santiago & Bushido Return to Potty Mouth Music with “UWLMF EP” and “Makeout Mixtape Sessions #02” + Dj Colette joins S&B on original track!

CHICAGO—On their fifth EP for Chicago-based digital label Potty Mouth Music, DJ/Producers Chris Santiago & Tim Bushido push their evolving sound to new limits with the release of “UWLMF EP” and “Makeout Mixtape Sessions #02.” The 27th original EP on PMM not only delivers a spectrum of groove-heavy sounds that bang and bump through three distinct tracks, it also features kinetic vocals of DJ/Producer Colette slicing through the beat of the EP’s lead track, “Make Me Feel.”

Tapping Colette for their latest PMM project was a given for Santiago & Bushido, who collaborated on her 2007 artist album “Push.” In remixing a vocal sample from their original recording session, S&B meld voice and bassline to create a melodic track that delivers a big room jolt.

“I think it’s great we got to work with Colette again on something that’s a little trackier and reflects more of the Potty Mouth sound,” Bushido says on their studio collaboration.

Additionally, the track “Tell Me Why” pulses with the chuggy momentum of dark techno. A vocal loop puts a melodic spin on the sound, creating intricate musical layers that defy genre borders. The third and final track, “All I Can Say,” features minimal drums and basslines while showcasing a tough vocal sample driven by jabby beats.

Santiago & Bushido say the “UWLMF EP” is a reflection of how they have artistically grown as producers since debuting on the PMM rooster in 2007 as the label’s first artists.

“The S&B sound is always evolving and we like put out tracks that have longevity and don’t follow trends,” Santiago says. “I think over the years we have also been more open to listening to other types of genres than in previous years, which has also led to those sounds influencing what we produce.”

To complement their latest EP, S&B simultaneously will release their first official mix compilation “Makeout Mixtape Sessions #02,” a heady set of PMM tracks produced by some of the label’s most prominent talent. Following the success of “Makeout Mixtape Sessions #01” by PMM artist HiJack, S&B deliver another flawless mix of both original tracks and cuts from fellow artists including DJ Fame, Audiostalkers, The Bulgarian and Heavyfeet, to name a few.

PMM027 “UWLMF EP” will be available for purchase June 16 exclusively (for first 30 days) on Those who download the entire ep will also get PMM’s latest continuous mix “Makeout Mixtape Sessions #02” for free with the download bundle. The mix will be available for direct purchase on iTunes in July 2009.

Here is a link to a minimix of the 3 tracks that are featured on the EP :

Here are samples of 2 of the tracks on the EP:

MF:  CLIP Santiago & Bushido – Make Me Feel (Original)

MF: CLIP Santiago & Bushido – Tell Me Why

For more info on S&B
For more info on Potty Mouth





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