Young Nutz!

27 06 2009

The Young Nutz have been bouncing round the fidget scene a while now. Here are some of their sweet bootlegs. DO NOT SLEEP ON THIS!  Get to downloading!

Young Nutz – Nutz Scared ..

Young Nutz – Nutty Beeper ..

Young Nutz – Jack got Nutz ..

Young Nutz – Helped Myself ..

Young Nutz – Nutz for me ..

Young Nutz – Mixed Nutz ..

Young Nutz vs The Funk Out – Funky Nutz ..


“Mixed Nuts is off the chain!! Bring back the speed garage. :)”
Wolfgang Gartner.
“Loving the Young Nutz, in full boom-blast, wobbly bass attack mode. Gauranteed to rock the party!”
Dan Aux (Shopliftas / George FM)
“Young Nuts, is hot young duo, full of fresh ideas and Hot beats. I can see big things in the future for these guys and Gals. IF YOU WANT SOME BEATS TO MAKE YOU GO NUTZ, LOOK NO FURTHER THAN……YOUNG NUTZ”
Geoff K
Young Nutz! will be sure to smash the shit out of a club near you soon! good work peeps….sign, the lanky and lumpy love guru’s”..
“Sick beats & twisted bass!! Big thumbs up from baldy & big ears :oP”
“Really twisted sounds i like especailly when mc freeflow cooperating with you. With you all the best”
Sweet Cheat
“Young Nuts are bangin out some sick sick beats which im smashing out all over the country! Lovin your filthy work!!..”
Micky Dalton
“Very nutty! good for squirells who like bass, not so good for peanut allergies! dirrrty!”
The Bulgarian
Young Nutz is definitely as solid as you can get! And the name blew me away. Funky Nutz is in my crate for good :)
The Incredible Melting Man (Champion Beats/Nu Industry/Flexual/Bombeatz)




One response

30 06 2009
Drew Down of Badbwoy Bass

Serious business! The quality is outstanding, the mixes and booties are mad innovative and fun to listen to! I have been droppin a couple since Todd P turned me on! All I can say is I am a fan man!

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