D. Ramirez in the house

3 08 2009


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“Satur8 (Teasing Edit)”
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 “D.Ramirez is on his way to becoming one of the biggest names in dance music. Again”
 “Man of the moment”
– I-DJ
“One of the finest Producers around”
–          DJ MAG
North American clubbers are in for a real treat this summer as critically acclaimed artist D. Ramirez (AKA Dean Marriot) is jumping the pond for a rare tour of the U.S. and Canada the entire month of August. He’ll be calling Los Angeles home as he works on adding to his never ending flow of new original productions. First up: Dean’s brand new single “Satur8” featuring two remixes from Infusion’s Jamie Stevens. We are offering a sneak preview edit of original mix by clicking here. In addition to the release of “Satur8,” this summer with be packed with five new singles featuring Underworld, Matt Tolfrey, Mark Knight & Robert Owens and a remix of Skunk Anansie’s “Twisted” and Max Linen’s “The Soulshaker”
D. Ramirez is an artist who is consider to be the “producer’s producer.” That’s because a wide cross section of the world’s finest dance music artists are also major D. Ramirez fans and continue to support his music. From huge live acts like Underworld and Hybrid to top-draw DJs like Carl Cox, Pete Tong and Toolroom’s Mark Knight, D. Ramirez continues to impress them with his innovative productions and technical wizardry. In fact, D. Ramirez is such an astute producer that he was recently made the subject of a three-part in-studio profile with Future Music Magazine. Here, Dean takes fans into his world and teaches them about setting up and choosing sounds, adding extra drums and arrangements. You can view the entire series via www.dramirez.co.uk/site/video_2.php       
D. Ramirez has traveled the world as if he was on a covert dance operation. He’s fired off rockets under a bevy of aliases including The Lisa Marie Experience, Cordial, Finger Fest, Rambo, and of course, D. Ramirez. The names are not fads but reflect the artist’s ever-changing musical palette; and it can change on a dime. Although he was credited as the artist who first coined the “electrohouse” sound, Ramirez has seen the genre reach a saturation point. After some serious soul searching and shift to a new studio, Dean emerges with a tough techno and house sound inspired by the production gear he so fondly admires. If you consider his meticulous DJ mixes where loops, tricks and FX are intricately laced with exceptional accuracy or his studio methods where he’s known to tinker with noises for days on end, it’s just a case of simple, logical progression.   
To celebrate the North American tour rephlektor will be offering free downloads of D. Ramirez and DJ mixes each week via press release. Additionally we’ll have loads of tickets to give away for each date of the North American tour and Dean is available for interviews. Hit us up and we’ll sort it out for you.  

(D. Ramirez and Mark Knight in the studio)
…has achieved five top 20 hits, played on every continent and single handedly coined THAT electrohouse sound.

…was awarded Best Remix and Best Producer in DJ Magazine’s 2007 awards and 2006 saw him knighted as a Player Of The Year in iDJ.
…once performed on Top Of Pops.
…won “Best Synth Sound of All Time” by Future Music
…had over five Pete Tong “Essential Tunes” on his Radio One Show
…has been collaborating with Underworld, Matt Tolfrey, Mark Knight & Robert Owens creating
several singles due for release this Summer and is currently remixing Skunk Anansie’s “Twisted.”
August 6 – Minneapolis – Karma
August 7 – New York City – Pachita
August 8 – Denver – Vinyl
August 14 – Houston – Richs
August 15 – Los Angeles – Giant at Vanguard
August 27 – Montreal – Club Parking
August 28 – Toronto – This Is London
August 29 – Chicago – Crobar

1) D. Ramirez Feat. LDV – ‘Wired’ (Robert Babicz Mix MP3) – Slave  
2) Romanthony – ‘ Let Me Show you Love’ (Hiro Edit)  – White  
3) Depeche Mode – ‘Wrong’ (Magda’s Scallop Funk Remix) – Mute  
4) Bradler & Dualton – ‘Definitely’ – Flow Vinyl  
5) Hobo – ‘Midnight’ (Original Mix) – Minus 
6) Mark Farina – ‘Life’ (Pezzner Mix) – Ohm Records  
7) DKS – Thats Jazz (Pig&Dan Club Remix) – Hysterical    
8) Will Saul – ‘3000AD’ (I Cube Mix1) – Simple     
9) D.Ramirez Feat. LDV – ‘The Road Of Excess’ (D.Ramirez Chant Mix) – Slave   
10) Stuart Bridges – Popsicle Meltdown – ‘Missed Connection’ (Cut and chop Mix) – Kult  
11) Wake – ‘Turbulence’ (Koen Groeneveld & Addy van der Zwan Remix) – Abszolut 
12) D.Ramirez Feat. LDV – ‘Wired’ (Original Version) – Slave  
13) Tim Sheridan and King Roc – ‘Ghosts That Live In Her’ (King Roc Remix) – Very Wrong Indeed Records  
14) D. Ramirez Feat. LDV – The Road Of Excess (The Excessive mix) – Slave 
15) Jim Pavloff – ‘Driver’ (Sender Remix) – Send Records  
16) Dirty Vegas – ‘Changes’ (D.Ramirez Squeezebox Mix) – Toolroom




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