1980 Recordings Latest Releases

12 11 2009


Thee-O is no stranger to the centre stage with a plethora of originals and remixes released worldwide on too many labels to mention in a career that has spanned 15 years plus.

Here he has produced a Acid House track reminiscent of the 90’s Acid house scene. This track drives along with the acidic synth and the trademark 303 hats. Drop this and watch the arms go in the air!


Fresh release from Jolly on 1980. This Top Quality house track will electrify you dance floor.

The first remix of Da Bump on offer is corker! Talented producer Edwin Van Cleef from Leeds delivers a cool kris menace Electro Indie Dance house stormer. Edwin is already a favourite on Radio 1 with Jaymo and George and from this remix you can see why.


Grasping on the the last light of the summer, D-Soulz give you this funky anthem, ‘Free Your Mind’.

D-SOULZ are Dutch production and DJ trio Alex Romano, Sebastian Davidson (Whoop) and Licious K. They are already responsible for a serie of high profile original solo productions and remixes.

Behind the decks their unique driving house tunes provides an energetic and soulful atmosphere. Its an exciting time for D-Soulz, stay tuned, as you can expect a lot more to come from this dynamic Dutch-Soulz trio!

Backing up this already infectious funky house original we have ‘Joy and Pain’ delivering a electro piano-tastic re-work. Then we have Phil England taking you back to the house roots with his remix, that reminisces of MAW back in the day with those shuffled hats.

It’s Funky, Infectious and takes you back to those white isles.

All of these releases and more are available at Beatport.




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