Edu K – Ja, Mann! + Jumpin n Pumpin

19 01 2010

Edu K has been a master of dance music for years. From his forward thinking Baile Funk to his Rave Zombie Electro and now his worldy, percussion inspired tech house, Edu K has always managed to shock and inspire his audience with his take on music.
His first release with Scattermusic is a 2 track EP, packed to the brim with remixes. The EP includes the tracks “Ja, Mann!”; a cheeky, worldly minimal track filled with energy and plenty of drum rolls and “Jumpin n Pumpin”; a crazy, horn-fuelled number that doesn’t know when to quit.
Remixes of “Ja. Mann!” come courtesy of Mom & Dad with a totally club, stomper that’s all-to-relevant and Slap & Dash with a relentless, Hip Hop influenced dance track, filled with big synths and marching drums. Remixes of “Jumpin n Pumpin” see Dubbel Dutch take us to a dirty rave, flipping the tune over and over; Lewis CanCut get on a new age, hyped up Hip Hop/Dancehall/Baile Funk vibe, with 2 versions, slotting original vocals over the top from Dizzy Dee and Mars E Pan; WILDLIFE! who has given the track an almost Caribbean UK Funky vibe and Femme En Fourrure who have flipped the tune into a deep and dark minimal number to lose yourself to.

SCM-003 – Edu K – Ja, Mann!
1. Edu K – Ja, Mann!
2. Edu K – Ja, Mann! (Mom & Dad Remix)
3. Edu K – Ja, Mann! (Slap & Dash Remix)
4. Edu K – Jumpin n Pumpin
5. Edu K – Jumpin n Pumpin (Dubbel Dutch Remix)
6. Edu K – Jumpin n Pumpin (Lewis CanCut Remix feat. Dizzy Dee)
7. Edu K – Jumpin n Pumpin (Lewis CanCut Remix feat. Mars E Pan)
8. Edu K – Jumpin n Pumpin (WILDLIFE! Remix)
9. Edu K – Jumpin n Pumpin (Femme En Fourrure Remix)

Get the full release here :

Bonus: Riva Starr – I Was Drunk ft Noze (Scattermish Remix)




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