HiJack VS Santiago & Bushido: Way Back EP

19 01 2010

Just landed in my mailbox!

CHICAGO—What happens when three of Potty Mouth Music’s most established producers team up in their first ever studio collaboration?  Think samples, synths and instrumentation galore. The end result is “Way Back EP,” a four-track mix of house, percussive and peak-hour grooves that draw influences from the distinct styles of PMM’s Jon Chant (HiJack) and Chris Santiago and Tim Bushido (Santiago & Bushido).

The inception of PMM 033 dates back to spring 2009, when UK-native HiJack toured the States on the strength of his “Jackpot” (PMM05) and “Keep It Real”(PMM 022) EPs. Between gigs, he caught up with Chicago-based production duo Santiago & Bushido and settled in for some studio time.

“The result was Way Back, which is a track all three of us made together,” Bushido says.

A series of overseas emails soon yielded two remixes—one completely done by HiJack and another styled solely by S&B. “Putting it Down,” the EP’s other original track, was also crafted through a collaborative series of audio exchanges. “Jon started it and got the core of the track—we beefed it up a bit and added our trademarks to it and mixed it down,” Bushido says.

The EP’s original title track pays homage to HiJack’s quirky hooks and heavy grooves while S&B add their signature build-up to the sound. The classic, a cappella house vox pulses with an organic groove framed by the backdrop of synths and drums. On the remix tip, HiJack takes a stripped down house approach, showcasing a vocal sample that sums the track best: “We used to jack our body to the beat.”

For their remix of the title track, S&B bring back the sound that made them famous on PMM releases including “For What EP” (PMM04) and “For the People” (PMM10). Huge club build-ups, insane breakdowns, and dark, driving synths give their version of “Way Back” plenty of big room bite. The trio polishes off the EP with the unexpected “Putting it Down,” a collaborative effort that spun some house-heavy results.

“It’s definitely a groover for house heads with some fresh samples and chunky beats,” HiJack quips.

As veteran roster mainstays, HiJack and Santiago & Bushido say “Way Back EP” stays true to the Potty Mouth sound while bringing a fresh sound to label and club fans alike.

“We’re three of Potty Mouth’s core artists who are bringing tracks together that are dirty but still keep that house groove,” Bushido says. “And the remixes give you more of what we are doing independently as artists—which is always something new.”

“Way Back EP” is now available exclusively on beatport.com for the next four weeks.

Check out the CLIPS below:

“Way Back” (Original Mix): http://www.mediafire.com/?ozlynlqne4k

“Way Back” (Santiago & Bushido Remix): http://www.mediafire.com/?mcmhmmjz5zj

“Way Back” (HiJack Remix): http://www.mediafire.com/?5dhkmliyhnj

“Puttin It Down” (Original Mix): http://www.mediafire.com/?mzuhmznwmzj



2 responses

19 01 2010

Love HiJack’s productions, the beats are always so tight and crisp.

19 01 2010

Hell yeah! I’m loving the collab.

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