28 01 2010

All you DJs out there, load up your mix for free and get mad exposure!  Read below…

San Francisco, CA 94105

Mixcrate.com brings “Community” back to the DJ.

SAN FRANCISCO, CA  – November 16th, 2009 – Mixcrate announced the official launch of www.mixcrate.com: an innovative and completely free, community based, site for DJs to share their mixes with peers and fans.
The feature rich, interactive, platform was designed as a simple to use tool to allow DJs to distribute their work globally on-line.  The site has a built-in rating system and allows members to comment and leave feedback on any of the mixes they choose.  DJs, who have uploaded their own material, can easily view a matrix of statistics on each of their mixes which include: number of times recommended, times played, times downloaded, and current number of comments.
In addition, to encourage a rapid dissemination of material, www.mixcrate.com has integrated tools that allow members to easily share the mixes with any of their contacts on the popular social networking sites, including Facebook, MySpace, and Twitter.

Chris Yee, founder of the Mixcrate website, describes the service as “… a music distribution platform that enables DJ artists and their fans to discover and share mixsets for the purposes of promoting DJs and their mixes online.”

“The community aspect of DJing has been an essential part of what’s been lost in the new age of digital technology…”, says partner Genghis Mendoza. “We’re creating a community for DJ’s to share and learn; an environment that fosters interactions between its members.  Those new to the trade, and the hobbyists, now have a safe place to gain insight from some of our legends.  Really, it’s all about sharing and innovation.” 

For additional information feel free to contact our media relations at pr@mixcrate.com or visit  www.mixcrate.com.




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1 02 2012
Mix Master Ace

Mixcrate is a very useful tool for us DJ’s our fans and to promote clients like i do on the website… it’s fast easy and user friendly i highly recommend it and use it to promote my clients! Click the link below and join me!


Tim Clark, aka Mix Master Ace
The SNN Companies

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