Papalote vs Bobby Flay

15 02 2010

Do you know who Bobby Flay is?  He is an Iron Chef and host of several shows on the Food Network here in the United States.   One of his shows is called “Throwdown”.  The premise is Chef Flay goes around the country and challenges chefs to a battle usually regarding their signature dish. 

One of my old DJ partners, DJ Mr. E (Miguel Escobedo) and his brother, comedian Victor Escobedo own a couple of very successful taquerias  name “Papalote” here in San Francisco.  Bobby Flay came and issued a throwdown challenge to Papalote.  It was a burrito throwdown.  Papalote has a signature burrito (my favorite) called “The Triple Threat” paying homage to the Triple Threat DJs (Apollo, Shotkut and Vinroc). It has beef, chicken and prawns.   The episode will air this WendesdayFebruary 17th at 9pm.  Please tune in to watch the battle  if you get the Food Network. Be sure to stop by one of the restaurants if you are in San Francisco and check out some of  Mr.E’s mixes over at

 Below is a promo video that Papalote made for their 10 year anniversay.  Enjoy.




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