Kitsuné Maison 9 Compilation

10 03 2010

Paris’ Kitsuné Records readies Kitsuné Maison 9 compilation: The Petit Bateau edition or The Cotton Issue

Features brand new tracks and remixes from Arthur Baker, Crookers feat Yelle, Holy Ghost!, Hurts, Joan Of Arc, Two Door Cinema Club, Yusek and more!

Kitsuné Maison 9
The Petit Bateau edition or The Cotton Issue
Various Artists
Release date
April 26, 2010

Watch video for
HURTS “Wonderful Life (original)”


Paris, Fr – First we must share with you that a baby was born in the Kitsuné family recently, he’s called Yumé – ‘dream’ in Japanese. This new album was thought out, conceived and put together whilst this young child was being breastfed in the room next door. So logically the toddler has had some kind of influence on the new Kitsuné Maison compilation.

Indeed here is officially the most snuggly, peaceful, motherly Kitsuné compilation until now – soft as cotton. In the midst of one of the worst winters Paris has known for a long time and with so many conflicts all around, we have been looking for calm and tenderness. As a result this new compilation brings you almost as much comfort as taking a newly born in your arms and giving him a cuddle.

That’s right, this is music babies can get into. A fully padded compilation that’s rather more candid, innocent and carefree than the norm, and which is still inviting the listener to shake his hips. The kindliness of a home (maison) forever opened to all kinds of ideas but that from then on also has to look after a child. Suddenly a new transversal approach shapes up with this compilation attractive to ears of all ages.

Rested, serene, more contemplative, with a selection that’s probably more geared at sunday afternoon than saturday night, more yuzu green tea than stupid alcopops. Sure there are a few hysterical sirens in the Jupiter track, but we asked for them to be toned down in order to keep the little one asleep.

“Kitsuné Maison 9” will be released April 26, 2010 on Kitsuné. Pick it up on iTunes, Amazon, Beatport, eMusic, and other fine digital outlets.


“Kitsuné Maison 9” Tracklisting

01: WASHED OUT “Belong”
Washed Out is leading the ‘glo-fi’ scene, which has introduced that delicate electronic sound also known as bedroom synth-pop (this kid’s bedroom is in Georgia, USA). The fact he’s only been working on his music for a few months makes him only more fascinating.

02: GAMBLE & BURKE “Let’s Go Together”
Gamble & Burke hail from Boston. They’re obsessed with eighties soul, wear suits & ties and

03: PENGUIN PRISON “Animal Animal”
Penguin Prison is Chris Glover. His track ‘Animal Animal’ is at the crossroad of house & reggae. Swimming pool, club Tropicana, you know the kind… “I don’t want to think anymore, about anything that I can’t see. It’s about being a human being in modern society and thinking too much and wishing that you didn’t have to” he cryptically comments.

04: JAMAICA “Short and Entertaining”
Jamaica are two French boys produced by Xavier from Justice. The deal was: no synths to be used in the studio. Big potential.

05: CROOKERS feat. YELLE “Cooler Couleur”
They’re the cartoony Italians who make phat beats, she’s part of the Kitsuné family.

06: JUPITER “Vox Populi (LIFELIKE treatment)”
Jupiter – indeed – sends us to Jupiter. And with Lifelike on the knobs,

07: YUKSEK “Supermenz (We’re Not)”
Yusek delivers ‘Supermenz’ the hardest track of the bunch. Must we remind you this is the paternity compilation? Could possibly turn into a ‘gay anthem’… sunday

08: FENECH-SOLER “Stop And Stare”
Fenech-Soler were originally endorsed by our friend Alan Braxe, now they’re on their way to conquer the charts.

09: TWO DOOR CINEMA CLUB “Something Good Can Work (The Twelves remix)”
Two Door Cinema Club are remixed by Brazil’s awesome The Twelves. It was a struggle to get hold of them, these guys are rather busy, they did us a massive

10: LOGO “La Vie Moderne”
Logo are two Parisians from the Penninghen art school, they’ll sure need a strong logo as backdrop on stage. In the meantime they get all heady and moody behind their synths.

11: SILVER COLUMNS “Brow Beaten”
Although we have no idea who sings (Ray Martin? Jimmy Sommerville?), Silver Columns are currently the most luscious act around, certified and guaranteed.

12: HOLY GHOST! “Say My Name”
Holy Ghost! are well classy. Their songs always sound so effortlessly easy. They’re from Brooklyn where it’s all firing off at the moment.

13: HURTS “Wonderful Life (ARTHUR BAKER remix KITSUNÉ edit)”
Hurts are very chic. We recommend the video on YouTube with the dancer’s black lace dress, the immovable look of the keyboard player and the – hands in pocket – singer. This lot looks the part. Proper idols, we reckon.

14: GYPSY & THE CAT “Time to Wander (JOAN OF ARC remix)”
Gypsy & Cat are Australians, and like other Aussies these days they combine Californian melodies and a little electronic twist. Think a youthful Fleetwood Mac with no ladies.

15: FELDBERG “Dreamin’”
Felberg are based in Iceland, proof that all is not bankrupt there. They might be running out of perishables but they still have melodies. They first met in January 2009, rehearsed together every tuesday evening and released their first track last October.

16: YOUR NATURE “Forward Motion”
Your Nature are Kitsuné’s new obsession, two brothers and some friends who met in creative literature classes. Lots of hair. Kicks ass and yet very beautiful and lyrical, makes you travel.

17: THE GOOD NATURED “Your Body is a Machine (ZEBRA+SNAKE remix)”
The Good Natured is a girl named Sarah McIntosh, intense and emotional, she could almost be Depeche Mode’s little sister. Only 3000 friends on Myspace, so it’s still early days…

18: MONARCHY “The Phoenix Alive (THE OCTANS edit)”
Monarchy are two guys – not the tough kind – crafting electronic pop. Sweet stuff, perfect to get babies to sleep.




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