16 04 2010


LU10 Records is back! After a storming debut with our Kitch ‘n Sync vs WoNK EP hitting the dubstep charts on countless download sites and our follow up, Jack To The Max, getting supported on Radio 1(!), we’re leaving our foot right on the gas and dropping some fresh sh*t from non-other than Cheap Thrill’s, Jay Robinson.
This time Jay comes with a festival style banger, which would sound as at home at a carnival in Rio as in a club anywhere else in the world! Led by a building, driving bassline and laced with a trumpet riff that’ll be stuck in your head for weeks! We’re very confident that this track will set your DJ box a light and prove a get-out-of-jail card for many a DJ!!!
As usual we’re not happy with just giving you the slammin’ original, we’ve had to enlist some of the biggest boys about at the moment to drop some sick remixes as well!! With Detboi leading the pack with his fidget interpretation of this monster. Cut up loops and bouncy bass with the addition of an ethnic feel really take this up a notch! Next up we have the SupaBeatz mix. Again taking it the more bouncy route, but this time with a housey feel. Supa adds a real ooompha piano and bassline! Last but not least we have LU10 Head Honcho’s, Kitch ‘n Sync, creating a mix that is somewhere nestled between tech house and electro that is certainly not to be missed!!

Available to Buy Here

Jay Robinson – Rawr! (Preview Clips)


Original Mix

Deboi Plays Jazzflute Mix

Supabeatz Remix

Kitch ‘n Sync No.1 Mix

Comments:Detboi remix for me….Booom
Favourite Mix:Detboi

Name:Anna Kiss
Comments:Heavy ep, got my support
Favourite Mix:Kitch ‘n sync remix

Robert owens
thx james for a great collection of tracks

Comments: Yo the Detboi remix has a hella skip to it. Love the swing! gonna rock it at the Eden rock opening day Jamvana WMC Pool Party
Favourite Mix:Detboi

Name:Micky Slim
Comments:Yo, this is an absoloute bomb of a release
Favourite Mix:Kitch ‘n Sync Remix

Name:Jelle (Mighty Fools)
Favourite Mix:Detboi

Name:Will Bailey
Comments:Feeling the supabeatz remix
Favourite Mix:Supabeatz

Name:Mark Stent
Comments:Love your mix guys, loving the dutch feel
Favourite Mix:Kitch ‘n sync

Comments:Full support from Atlanta
Favourite Mix:Kitch ‘n sync

Name:Royal K
Comments:Love the supabeatz mix
Favourite Mix:supabeatz

Comments: Detboi remix for sure! Also Supabeatz mix adds a nice funky twistage to the release
Favourite Mix:Detboi

Name:Jon E Industry
Comments:thanks dude
Favourite Mix:original

Name:Annie Nightingale
Comments:will definitely support this
Favourite Mix:original

Name:Bryan Cox
Comments:”Detboi Remix is the party track! Great bounce, and use of the samples!”
Favourite Mix:Detboi Remix

Name:Rico Tubbs
Favourite Mix:Detboi Remix

Name:lazy rich
Comments:Supabeatz mix does it for me
Favourite Mix:Supabeatz

Name:nom de strip
Comments:cheers jay, what can I say loving the ep
Favourite Mix:kitch ‘n sync

Name:Mikey Dalton (Big Brother)
Comments: LU10 003_Jay Robinson_Rawr_ Original Mix is the one for me dude!
biiiiiig tune!!
Favourite Mix:Original

Comments:Thanks jay, will be supporting all mixes in my sets
Favourite Mix:all

Name:Tommie Sunshine
Comments:Thanks, huge fan of jay
Favourite Mix:Kitch ‘n sync

Comments:Detboi wins
Favourite Mix:Detboi

Massive ep, full support from BC

Tom Piper
Im all over that detboi remix mate

Name:Roby Howler
Comments: Jay Robinson – Rawr EP ”
Massive release! My favorite is original + detboi remixes!
diggin that saxon samples + vocal is fucking awesome!
full support!!! biggup!




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