Kitch ‘n Sync Interview + April Mix

16 04 2010

Kitch ‘n Sync – April Mix

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1.Teki Latex – Answers (Mikix The Cat Remix)
2.Bookashade – Bad Love (Groove Aramda UK Drop Mix)
3.Cassius – Cassius 99 (Reset! Remix)
4.Hey Today! – Toasted
5.Bit Thief – Monkey Bars (Dillon Francis Remix)
6.Tittsworth feat. Ninjasonik – Mollys Party
7.The Cheerz – Waterz (Original Mix) LU10 Records
8.Moby – Wait For Me (Zodia Cartel Remix)
9.Sinden & Bbtrkt – Midnight Marauder
10.Herve – Zombies (Franzy Scanner Zombie Dandruff Remix)
11.Germ Vs Losers – Stush
12.Jay Robinson – Dubplate Concerto (Original Mix) LU10 Records
13.Tom Piper & Blaze Tripp – Brappp (Enigma Dubstep Mix)
14.Audio Bullys – Only Man (Jakwob remix)
15.Adam Ant – Tissue Ban – Lu10 Records

Kitch ‘n Sync Interview

1. You guys have done heaps of remixes and original work, which one is your personal favorite and which one get the biggest reaction in your sets?

Well that’s a tough one. Especially over the last year we’ve been mega busy. I would say my personal favourite remixes would be either the Hadouken remix or our new one for Micky Slim’s ‘Wow’. The Micky Slim one always gets a good reaction we when play it and the hadouken one as I think it’s probably our best track, production wise. As for originals we’ve got a lot of stuff coming up that i’m really excited about…. but i’ve got to keep schtum about that right now!

2. Kitch N Sync has come pretty far in 2 years, how hard has it been breaking into the dance scene over in the Uk?

Yeah. Fairly hard. We’ve been lucky though to be honest. We both come from other scenes and we’ve learnt over the year how to deal with certain things and how to approach promotion etc. I would say though that these days it does seem a lot easier to get your stuff released, but the real difficulty is getting the big djs and stations to support it. Over the last couple of years, we’ve done a few tracks which we’ve been really happy with, but just didn’t get picked up by the DJs we wanted them to be. I guess it’s one of those things every new producer(s) go through when they don’t know anyone. Someone is a lot more likely to play your track if they know you…. but i guess that’s been true forever!

3 What can we expect from the duo in 2010 and the years to come? Any suprises?

We’ve got a lot planned already for this year. First and foremost we’ve just released the second release on our newly launched label, LU10 Records ( We’ve got loads of massive stuff coming out on that including tracks and remixes from jay Robinson, B.Rich, Tom EQ, The Cheerz, Micky Slim, Detboi, Council Estate Supermodels and the list goes on and on. Our first release went top 10 on beatport and trackitdown dubstep charts, which was a massive achievement for us. Production wise we’re in the middle of doing a collab EP with Micky Slim and also got a lot more planned. We’re cooling the remixes down a bit this year and really trying to focus on either stuff for our label or banging out some originals. We’ve already got some massive vocalists lined up to work with…. so be on the look out for that.

4. You guys have some very different remixes, Whats your major inspiration?

To be honest. As you can probably tell from our back catalogue, we take inspirations from everywhere. We don’t really like to limit where we look for things. if we think it’ll work and sound cool we’re down to do it. Myself and James both make other styles as well so we’re always linking that back into the stuff we make together. One thing we don’t want is to be another run of the mile electro/fidget production duo who are too scared to try and break down boundaries. At some point we’re looking into making an album, which will be very diverse. No dates or anything planned with that yet though, just ideas.

5. Whats next from the studio?

The next original thing out of the studio will be our release with Micky. It’s featuring a rapper called Mr White and it’s got a banging bassline and really catch hook. Remix wise we’re doing a mix for Dirty Inc which i’m actually hoping to get finished tonight!

6. Now you guys have done heaps of killer remixes, any tips for the future producers?

Don’t try and sound like someone else. Do your own thing and take your time with it. There’s nothing worse than someone who just sits there and thinks they just need to copy the next guys tune. Make your own stamp on the tune. Also, keep pushing. Email labels and djs yourself and really take the initaitive to push your own music. A lot of people think they will just be discovered out of no where or their owed something.You can be the hottest producer in the world, but if no one knows you…you’re screwed!

7. I know people pointing their phones at you requesting songs is abit annoying especially when its like “David Guetta” or something but just to be curious, which songs do you get requested for the most? And to rack your brain, whats the most random?

LADY F*CKING GAGA. I mean come on man!?!!! What i don’t get is they’ve obviously been in the club a while, heard what kind of music we’re playing, why the hell would they think we’re just going to say, “you know what, lets put on some pop music”. Idiots.

9. You’ve played countless sets and have a big fan base, What keeps you going week to week and where are you aiming to play next? Is there anything better than playing in the uk?

Unfortunately we haven’t really played outside the UK, so that’s a bit of a hard question to answer. But the crowds are always up for it over here and seem to be feeling what we do. When we play out we like to play a lot of different genres, and it seems to go down well. I think if we didn’t love what we were playing or making it would be hard to do it week in, week out. Of course sometimes you get a annoyed with it, but everyone does. We love playing out, that’s why we do so many mixes. Hopefully, up next, is playing abroad and also a lot more in the UK.

8. Ever going to fancy a trip to Australia? If so, you better come to brisbane! haha

For any promotors out there who want to get us over. Just give us a date :)




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5 10 2010
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I never saw or heard their interview, so it’s a great thing that you’ve posted a blog like this for those like me who haven’t got the chance to see them. Great post and hope to see more blogs like this one for people like me that only social networking are fund of doing.

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