Gudah – Till The Day

22 04 2010

My man Gudah is an artist from out here in California. Vallejo to be exact. He is on All Gas No Brakes, a local label owned and run by my man Mr. White.

On a long ass trip to a gig up in Redding Gudah and Mr. White got to listen to some of Chubby Fingers beats. Gudah liked a few of them including one called Sweet Tweak. He kept having me play this beat for him. I was watching him in the rear view mirror as I drove. It was amazing to see him go through his process. We listened to the beat a few times while he wrote to it, not on paper, mind you. He was writing this in his head. A couple of days later he came to the studio and we knocked out “Till The Day”. He’s been performing it all over the Bay Area and it’s getting a very nice response.

Take a listen and let us know what you think. I’ve also included the original song as well as a mash-up vs. Deadmau5 put together by DJ Chris Fonseca out in Texas.

Gudah – Till The Day –

Chubby Fingers – Sweet Tweak –

Gudah – Till The Day (DJ Chris Mash-Up)-

Check out more of Gudah here:




One response

22 04 2010
Lisa da Brat

Im So Proud of Gudah, nice write up…

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