Chubby Fingers = Crazy Busy! Get Your New Tracks Here!

15 06 2010

If you couldn’t tell, we’ve been crazy busy here. We’ve been contacted by several labels to release some of our tracks. And as this is an incredibly great thing for us, the blog has suffered. We promise to do our best to catch up.
As we mentioned before, “Into The Night (Jazz-e’s Relectrofucinmix) is being released on Funktion Recordings out of Chicago. This is Josh the Funky 1‘s imprint and we are proud to represent. We will be letting you all know the exact release date very soon and where you can purchase it. It also features 2 blazin remixes. One by Anjiro Rijo and another by Vince Moogin & Greed ‘n Pride.

In the mean time, here are a couple of free (downloadable from Soundcloud) tracks. (Check our other tracks while there)

The first is our take on a timeless classic by Art of Noise. Download and blast “Beat Box”:

Chubby Fingers – Beat Box

Next, we have an updated “electro/break” version of Wicked. Ice Cube at his best. Download and bang “Phat Mad Skillz”:

Chubby Fingers – Phat Mad Skillz

Also on deck, we have a Teaser Video for our latest track “Feeling That I Feel For You”. Peep it below…

P.S. If you are a label looking to release any of our tracks get at us:




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