7 07 2010

Santiago & Bushido – Soundz (teaser clip).mp3

Santiago & Bushido – Step Right In (teaser clip).mp3

Santiago & Bushido Seize Potty Mouth Spotlight  on “This Sound” EP

PMM035 includes two original tracks, “Soundz” and “Step Right In”

CHICAGO— When it comes to stepping right in, Chicago production originals Santiago & Bushido are no strangers to the spotlight. And when it comes to bringing big beats, their latest EP for Los Angeles-based, Chicago inspired Potty Mouth Music delivers the electro house sounds that has solidified them as PMM roster mainstays.

Featuring fuzzed out vocals and tribal tinged grooves, “This Sound” EP (PMM035) thumps as double-bill ode to the darker side of summer nights. “Soundz” and “Step Right In” include the signature S&B build-up that chugs to a pinnacle before dropping audiences into wild, rave-frenzied ride.

“We wanted to give this EP a nostalgic vibe while thinking forward creatively at the same time,” Santiago says of their newest PMM release. “Both tracks have a darker groove but are still big sounding anthem tracks that play perfectly to the mid-summer stride.”

Dance anthems are nothing new to S&B, who propelled the PMM label to success back in 2008 with their Beatport.com, chart-topping track “Head Trick.” Since then, the duo has gone to polish remixes for some of dance music biggest names, including a Kaskade’s Billboard No. 1 hit single “Move for Me” and Larry Tee’s “Louis Vuitton.”

On “This Sound” EP, S&B let a breathy vocal set the pace on “Soundz,” a murky, tribal trek through rave days gone by. On “Step Right In,” the duo flips the script for a more simple structure of sounds that resonates with steady, constant bump. With tribal thump setting the pace, the track rolls with a constant, building groove.

As DJs, S&B draw influence from their Chicago house background and apply harder and heavier elements to their sound. The duo is regularly headlining and appearing at some of the most widely attended parties in the US and beyond including Avalon in Los Angeles, Decibel Festival in Seattle, and Bed in Miami.

Their latest PMM release is more proof that one of Chicago’s most recognized names in dance music has no intention of slowing their groove any time soon.

“As long as people are dancing we will still be making music–tribal, techy, funky, house, whatever influences at the moment. All of it has a huge impact on our style as artists, where ever it manages to fit into our tracks,” Santiago says.

“This Sound” EP (PMM035) will be available exclusively on Beatport for the next four weeks and then available for purchase on iTunes.




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