NEW! Don Rimini – “All About”

8 07 2010

Here we have the new Don Rimini track “All About” from the “Nlarge Your Parties EP”

Nice bouncy electro runner that I’m feeling.  Now right click on this bitch below quick before it goes away!!

“Nlarge Your Parties EP”

TIGA “All About” is great!
CROOKERS Will play Riminology for sure
THE BLOODY BEETROOTS I love the ep! It gonna be on my list for pukkelpop
SINDEN cool release, im a fan of ‘Whatever’, this is sick. Also Riminology is nice also
DIGITALISM Whatever and Rimmiogogy are hottttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttt
BRODINSKI G.O.O.D. kicks ass!
TEKI LATEX Riminology is cool!
AFROJACK damn some cool stuff in this could go crazy with remixes
LAURENT GARNIER ohh yessss dancfloor powernessssss
MALENTE Riminology is the shit!
CONGOROCK Solid beats, solid release! I like Whatever!
LES PETITS PILOUS Whatever and Riminology really stick out.
I adore the old school piano in whatever and the spirit of Riminology. Well cool !
BEATAUCUE yaya we like “Whatever”!!
FELIX CARTAL “Riminology” sounds nice!”
BORIS DLUGLOSCH I really like “All About” and “Whatever”.
Especially “All About” really kicks me. Its already in my radioshow for tonight!
DANIEL HAAKSMAN Great party banger, love it!
HIS MAJESTY ANDRÉ DAAAMN HOT! thank you, I’ll enlarge my PARTY for sure :)
DJEDJOTRONIC Riminology is my favourite. Super good vibe.
BLATTA & INESHA oh yeah! I really like “all about”!!! will play this for sure bro!
it’s different, then again i still found the rimini touch in the drums .. fuck it’s good man !! g.o.o.d is … hyper good too !
DEM SLACKERS Don Rimini EP is pretty insane y’all. SICK EP DUDE! Can’t really choose a track as fav because I like ’em all.
THE SUBS Really love Riminology!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
And the oldschool vibe of whatever is great! Monsieur château!
DJ KEITH I’m in love with Riminology!!! it’s fantastic! but i really love Whatever too
SUPABEATZ Thanks! Lovin all of this! this is a BIG EP!
My fav tunes are Riminology and Whatever.. whattabbomb! I’ll play fo sure! :)
PHON O your ep is cool.
ROGER 72 (TWR72) Really into the Riminology track! Weird techno vibe. Love it!
MODEK I love the entire B-Side :) Riminology is wicked!!
RAPH Riminology = it’s a bomb ! (and i like the others too)
KAZEY Thanks for your EP. Fuck it sounds fat. I like its very Chigacoan pumped on amphetamines feel. CONGRATS! Huuuuuuge EP from the Don !!! No retreat no surrender !!!
PANTON (NROTB) Big up for your new EP. Love Whatever!
NEOTERIC Whatever is my favourite track! Also like Riminology!
ACT YO AGE EP IS KILLING!!!! GLAD TO HAVE YOU BACK IN OUR PLAYLISTS!!! Loving Riminology for our sets, quirky organ fun. Full supoort and love from below!
aUtOdiDakT Killer! Why it took so long? :)
SHIR KHAN Dope Stuff. Will play.
TAGTEAM TERROR Great EP – “Whatever” is a killer!
TOMAS ANDERSSON I like the Whatever track, good party music. the vocal /accapella bits will be fun to play around with also.
LAZY ANTS your ep is great…Good is for me the best!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
don rimini IS BACK
‘Whatever’ is a BIG WINNER for me.. ‘Whatever’ is sounding massive and i love riminology aswell man!!!
3 IN A CROWD Strong beats on here! Probably your best work ever.
Whatever and Good are smashin it! Riminology is tight for us !
PHILIP SHERBURNE ha! that’s just filthy, and i love it.
LASTON&GEO We will play “All about” frequently this summer, we like the groove a lot!!!
BRENDON MOELLER YES!! count me in!
THOMAS VAN PEER FINALLY! good to see he’s back! great tracks. will definitely be played this summer!
CHRISTOPHER ÇOLAK Love Whatever! rock da house with those cuts. Excellent summer EP.
KID CHOCOLAT Powerful tracks, I like Riminology a lot… will certainly play it!
HRDVSION holy ravetastic!!! lets kick people in the face together!!!!
KAROTTE whatever is great. love it!
MOTORPITCH “Whatever” is a beast!
ROBERT OWENS cool vibe.
MR STATIK Will def try out Whatever on a big floor, it sure sounds like a bomb!
TELONIUS Riminology is the one
THE BLODDY BEETROOTS I love the ep! it gonna be on my list for pukkelpop!




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