Future Sound Of Reggae Volume 2

30 07 2010

My man Kush Arora hit me up on a future thinking dubwize/dubstep/roots reggae compilation called Future Sound Of Reggae Volume 2( dropping on August 3rd), which is being presented by Dubshot Recordings and actress Mena Suvari featuring

-Prince Polo
-Jah Mason
– Rebelution
-Dread Bass Soundsystem
– Transdub Massiv and so many more.

It really nails all sides of the American and international reggae/jam/dub scene and has some great tracks on it.

The 2nd in a series showcasing the next generation of talent within the genre, FSOR is a one of a kind showcasing not only the best from Jamaica, but across the world. DubShot Records in collaboration with actress Mena Suvari have uncovered the best in left of center reggae songs that encompass the evolution of a genre that was popularized in the 70’s and 80’s. With a focus on dub and surf reggae, the release also showcases dancehall and roots reggae as well as jam band’s influencing the genre.




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