Rot10 Musik Mega Post!

26 10 2010

Mr. Vega has a new single out on Beatport today called “Sweat”.

Kings Crown Vol.1

Rot10 Musik presents its new series of mini-eps featuring music artists we admire and the tracks that we believe surpass the massive amounts of mediocore music flooding the scene. We call it Kings Crown, a selection of tracks worthy of royal status from producers with true talent. Vol.1 features Four Four with his monster jungle banger “Fatty”. And for the B-side we have Puga delivering his newest work “Abidabu”. This track is his interpretation to what is being passed off as the “Dutch sound” but with a jungle twist and a fantastic old-school hip hop break in-between filled with 808 drums, scratches and vocal-cuts.

Beatport –

Kings Crown Vol.2

Disco Killah – Dhoo

John Diaz & DeeJay Matt – La Tuba Magica

ETC!ETC! – Down For The Count

Mr. Skeleton – The Road… EP

Rot10 Musik is proud to present a new release from LA’s Mr. Skeleton called The Road… His style has been compared to Skrillex and Wolfgang Gartner and this project has most notably been support by Dim Mak’s Gtronic.

Mr. Skeleton – The Road
Mr. Skeleton – F.D.A.U.
Mr. Skeleton & B.h(a)ve – Talking That Funny!

Mr. Vega and ETC!ETC! have been making so many great tracks together they decided to become the producer group called “Dynasty”. The duo had the opportunity to work on the Don Diablo & Diplo single “Make You Pop” but not making the cut for the Remix EP due to 3 priority picks for the EP. Still with Don Diablo’s 100% support & approval, the track is here for you guys to enjoy.


Don Diablo & Diplo – Make You Pop (Dynasty Remix)



Bandulu Remix EP & JSK – Funcake EP



A rising star in the electronic dance music culture and soon to be one of the best. He’s none other than Germany’sJSK. The Funcake EP is definitely for those people who are tired of hearing dutch house and want something new.Funcake and the B-side Oldschool are explosive electro bangers full of hard drums, catchy vocals and amazing synth.

JSK – Funcake

JSK – Oldschool



Breekpunt ft Manon Weijers – I Just Want You |Vocal House|


Breekpunt is a rising star from the Netherlands (only 18!) and is turning out to be one of this years most versatile producers. His last release “Funkular” was a HUGE success gaining support from London’s Chewy Chocolate Cookies. This time around we bring you a Big Room house tune featuring vocals from Manon Weijers.

Beatport –

ETC!ETC! & Mr. Vega – SuperNova

Beatport –

Rot10 Musik proudly presents the long awaited (at least for us it was) Origami EP  from LA’s own Stephen. This project takes you on a ride from Electro to House to Dutch, back to Electro, then finishing off with a HUGE vocal Dubstep track “Dangerous Girl” (Rot10 Fav).

Stephen- Alice

dl: Stephen – Electric Wizard

Stephen – Froggy

Stephen – Dangerous Girl (feat. Loren Jan & Ill Legit)



Bassline!, Bassline! Bassline! I say Bass, you say Line! BASS! LINE! BASS! LINE!!

I don’t think theres a better way to describe this project. The Belgium bass maniac delivered us this 3 track EP and its a delight for the bassline lover. We enjoyed it and support it 100% and we hope you do too.

Wasted Basterds – Vegas Baby!

Wasted Basterds ft Circe – Dr. Frankenstein

dl: Wasted Basterds – Punchline 192k


Digtalboy & Shark – Gangster Rave (Mr. Vega Remix)

Digital Boy & Shark – Gangster Rave (Mr. Vega Remix)





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