Ghosts of Venice Debuts on Solid Bump Records

5 11 2010



Ghosts of Venice Debuts on Solid Bump Records
Lee Dunn (better known as Ghosts of Venice) has had a big year. He has lent his passion for jacked up disco house to a slew of official remixes including Grum’s “Can’t Shake This Feeling” and James Talk & Ridney’s massive Ibiza summer anthem “Forever”. In the coming months he will debut on Strictly Rhythm, which is a testiment to his sound. Solid Bump is proud to debut his first commercially available original track entitled “Her”. The song serves as a homage to the long days of a summer passed, with a highly swung laidback groove that keeps in perfect tow with the signature sound of Solid Bump.
The remix selection is a showcase of the exciting talent Solid Bump has in store in 2011, with a large portion of the label’s roster lending their spin on the single. White Girl Lust completely re-imagines the original as an epic piano house burner, complete with vocals from Alona. Chicago’s Bit Funk glosses the tune with his distinct synth-pop sheen. Meanwhile, Mix Chopin lives up to his name with a lively cut & paste session. The release is rounded out by the low-key vibes of Mykill & Meroz.
“Amazing release! Super deep and funky.” – Treasure Fingers
“Nice grooves. Solid.” – Grum
“Cool sample, cool track. The Bit Funk mix is the one for me.” – His Majesty Andre
“Bit Funk mix for me bro! Excellent across all mixes.” – Dcup
PROMO MP3 of Ghosts of Venice// Her (Mix Chopin Remix) // Solid Bump Records
Free Downloadable MP3 Link:
Full EP Stream on Soundcloud:

Ghosts of Venice Interviewed By White Girl Lust (Tonight Show Interview Mash Up)




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