Potty Mouth Music NEW RELEASE: TJR feat DJ Gant-Man ‘Juke It’ OUT NOW ++ Free Tunes, Mixes

27 01 2011

Producer TJR is a master in the art of creative adaptability. Since relocating to Los Angeles from the East Coast in 2010, the artist who built his name in the acid house and techno scenes is striking a balance between his signature quirky basslines and dance floor inspired vocals.

Now his latest release on L.A.-based Potty Mouth Music resonates the same musical message. In joining creative forces with legendary, Chicago Juke vocalist DJ Gant-Man, the two hatched the “Juke It” EP (PMM036), an electro-influenced romp of fun, funk and the signature Potty Mouth bump that keeps dance floors hot, sweaty and nasty, just like the vocals themselves.

“Gant has been on my radar for a while, and I’ve always envisioned a track with juke-influenced vocals over a bouncy electro groove,” says TJR, whose collaboration marks his first PMM release since May 2009’s “Eat, Sleep, Breathe” EP (PMM025) .“As a vocalist, Gant has a great flow and comes up with catchy lyrics that makes you wanna get down and dirty.”

It’s that flow paired with the TJR’s tight, production bounce that makes “Juke It” an infectious booty burner brimming with big-bounce moments and the occasional breakdown, sending dance floors into frenzies.

For TJR, the release is another step in a continued creative direction that saw him releasing more original tracks in the past year versus his the remixes and bootlegs that have partially defined his artistic style. For TJR, the process keeps him evolving with dance music’s own seemingly schizophrenic scene.

“I love thinking about this time last year and how much things have changed,” TJR says. “It’s so difficult to figure what’s going to be next . . . Personally, with something like booty house, I’ve always loved it, because it’s fun–and if there was ever a genre that didn’t take itself too seriously, it’s booty and juke.”

PMM’s “Juke It” EP is laughing–and hitting dance floors–just as hard. A purebred Potty Mouth cut, the original and remix exude the kind of electro swagger that has come to define the label’s sound

“Potty Mouth was one of the first ‘fidget’ labels in 2007, which is a long time in the ADD-driven dance music world,” adds TJR, who has also recorded for Fool’s Gold and Wearhouse Music in the 2010. “‘Juke It’ certainly fit’s the evolving sound and direction of the label, which has a reputation for DJ-friendly tracks that are the highlights of a lot of sets. That’s what I have in mind when working on projects for the label.”

TJR returns to Potty Mouth Music with DJ Gant-Man on the “Juke It” EP (PMM036), will be available exclusively on Beatport for the first 4 weeks – buy it now!

PMM036: TJR feat DJ Gant-Man ‘Juke It EP’ (LO-FI Teaser Clips)

“Diggin the spinal scratch and loving the juke dat tune. I’ll be playing the ‘for the heads’ mix” – Fatboy Slim
“Very creative floor banger, we expect nothing less from TJR” – LA Riots
“Juke it has been the biggest track in my sets lately, super jackin’ funky party banger!” – DJ Dan
“I LOVE THIS Tune! Great! the video is awesome too. TJR killed it!” – DJ Icey
“Absolutely love this song and the vid is f’in awesome!” – DJ Bam Bam
“The kids are gonna love this – You have full support!” – Santiago & Bushido
“Fuck yes! In da box asap!” – The Bulgarian

DOWNLOAD TJR’s electro house bootleg of Thomas Bangalter’s Spinal Scratch
DOWNLOAD TJR’s new tech house remix of the Doors entitled ‘Stoners On The Storm’
DOWNLOAD TJR’s new electro DJ Mix (recorded January 2011) for Club Matinee




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