FreQ Nasty – Dread At The Controls

3 02 2011

FreQ Nasty
Born in Fiji and raised in New Zealand, breakbeat pioneer FreQ Nasty is widely-acknowledged by critics for
consistently breaking boundaries with his music, from his classic breaks tunes such as “Boomin Back Atcha” and “Move Back,” to remixes of pop icons like Fatboy Slim, Kelis and KRS-One.
At the same time, FreQ is receptive to all that surrounds him; for example, his move to London and immersion in its developing scenes in the 80s resulted in seminal releases on Botchit & Scarper. Forward thinking and progressive, his releases evidenced a sign of the fastmoving times.

These days, FreQ Nasty is staying one step ahead of the ongoing, hype-fueled evolution of electronic music with his contributions to the Futurestep sound. The recently released FABRICLIVE.42 mix album is evidence of this shapeshifting sound: with it, FreQ takes on the bass heavy stomp of L-Vis 1990’s UK take on Baltimore house, the blistering shatter of TRG, and several of his own storming productions, including Creator, a co-production with Switch on a Santigold tune released in 2007. FreQ is also well-known in the music scene for his social activism. In early 2008, he launched, a socially-conscious site featuring music campaigns, whereby musicians donate music in support of non-profit “action campaigns”.

FreQ Nasty – Dread At The Controls (Radio Edit)

‘Dread At The Controls’ blurs the lines between funky / house and dubstep, while ‘Drum Play’ slams
dancehall and drumstep into a potent combination of dancefloor fever. Dread is at the controls and it’s
deadly ….
“This is killer!” – General Midi
“Awesome future dread bizness!!!” – Kid Kenobi
“Loving drum play, proper sub business!” – Jay Cunning
“Slamming !” – ill.Gates
“Big Tunes >>>> FYArrrrR !!!!” – Pathaan iDJ




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