Dubs Alive Radio Presents: MIX 002 – THE SPIT BROTHERS

8 02 2011

Dubs Alive Radio Presents:


A continuous studio mix recorded by the Spit Brothers for Dubs Alive Records featuring dubs and forthcoming tracks from some of bass music’s most exciting talent. Look out for more releases from Dubs Alive Records, as well as Full Melt’s Bay Area Dubstep vol. 3 (BAD3), dropping soon!


00:00 The Spit Brothers – Some of the Time (forthcoming Dubs Alive)

02:40 Moldy ft. Preston Murphy – Embrace the Filth (Embassy Recording)

02:50 Max Romeo – Protest to the M1 (Pachecko Remix) (Senseless Recording)

08:30 Bukkha – Drift (free@www.soundcloud.com/dubsalive)

10:15 JKenzo – Nocturnal Feelings (forthcoming TUBA)

12:10 Bakir and Dubsworth – Soul Job (Dubsworth’s VIP)

14:24 Bakir and Vinja – Untitled (dub)

18:00 ???? – Reggae Ambassador (WAR015A)

19:40 Matty G – Sensimillia (forthcoming FullMelt BAD3)

21:30 The Spit Brothers – By The Fire (Nate Mars Remix) (forthcoming Dubs Alive)

23:40 Bakir – Going Down Slow (forthcoming FullMelt BAD3)

27:00 Antiserum & Rozanski – The Bridge (forthcoming FullMelt BAD3)

30:40 Dubsworth – Willing to Lose (dub)

33:20 The Spit Brothers – Beg to Differ (DJG Remix) (forthcoming TUBA)

37:05 Cosmic Revenge – Drift (forthcoming FullMelt BAD3)

38:40 Dubblestandart – Chrome Optimism (Antiserum Remix ft. Bakir)

40:30 The Spit Brothers – Violet Dub (Dubs Alive 007)

43:15 Bukkha – Black Angels (Dubs Alive 007)

46:55 Vinja – Flute Loop (dub)

50:05 JazzSteppa – Chauchesko  Part 2 (forthcoming TUBA)




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