LOT 49: New Mixtape, Website and Limited T-Shirt Design

29 03 2011


You can stream the mixed album on soundcloud! Individual tracks are available to purchase via BEATPORT

‘7 Year Itch’ (Mixed By Meat Katie)- LOT49 – OUT NOW! by LOT49

The 7 Year Itch album is a dirty ride through the underground that epitomizes the techfunk sound with an array of international talent from all 4 corners of the world. 17 brand new exclusive tracks from label artists Dylan Rhymes, Meat Katie, Lee Coombs, Dopamine, Odissi and up and comers Hedflux, Atomic Drop, Chevy One, Maelstrom, Neurodriver & more. Showcasing new talent is a huge part of the label ethos so it is not unusual that new and exciting talent such as Disco Bum from Canada and Lightknife from America have been included. All this wrapped up into an exceptional mix of quality you would expect by label boss Meat Katie.

2011 will see Lot 49 continue on its path of breaking new ground and continual bar raising in bringing new and upfront music!

Buy it as a mix or as individual tracks now at BEATPORT

1. Dylan Rhymes – ‘The Way’ (Misk Remix)
2. Rektchordz -‘Zamel’
3. Lee Coombs – ‘Ambar’
4. Taorus -‘D.B.S’ (Chevy One Remix)
5. LightKnife – ‘Dramatique’
6. Atomic Drop – ‘Player Hater’
7. Meat Katie & Lee Coombs – ‘Up!’ (Meat Rub)
8. Dylan Rhymes & Chevy One – ‘Big One’
9. Meat Katie & Dopamine – ‘Nectar’ (Boonos remix)
10. Dopamine – ‘Swerve’
11. Disco Bum – ‘Pervert’
12. Kid Blue – ‘Dumbel’
13. Maelstrom – ‘Vox Popili’
14. Odissi – ‘Dirty Secret’s (Dyno’s ‘Vocal’ Mix)
15. Ways & Means – ‘Top Shelf’
16. Neurodriver – ‘Teleport’
17. Meat Katie & Dylan Rhymes – ‘Roll Player’ (Hedflux Remix)

:: Lot49 New Website & Online Store ::  

Finally after many months of designing & html coding the new Lot 49 web site and store has gone live. Label boss Dylan Rhymes took on this mammoth task as we didn’t have the outlet to supply you with all the cool & exclusive stuff that we have forthcoming. You can now buy all manner of products from the store including Vinyl, Digital Downloads, CDs and Merch. Our Mix Portal is also there so we are still giving back by offering all our latest Dj mixs, exclusive Mash-Up edits and super exclusive music just for you guys.

Part 1 of our Limited T-shirt designs are available now on the store. These are only going to be available in this design and style once so don’t get caught sleeping. It is by order of the management that all Merch will be exclusive and not available elsewhere on the inter web so support your fave label by sporting our garms. They have been crafted with pride so we hope you wear them with pride!

Shirts can be purchased here! Lot49 Merchandise
Check out our new website at the usual address www.lot49.co.uk




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