New Mix – New Track

26 03 2010

So while the rest of the boys are out frolicking in the sun in Miami @ the WMC, I’m stuck out here on the west coast holdin’ down the fort.. So here’s another installment of the “Quick Mix” series, on #6 now, coupled with a track  just finished last week – a sequel to a Beatport favorite “Big John”. Well now he’s back to take revenge. Cheers.

Booker Crunchy Quick Mix #6


Marcel Jochmann – Booty Count (Original Mix)
Yankee Zulu – Toma! (Original Mix)
Bart B More – Take It Down (Edu Imbernon Remix)
Joan Reyes – Shakedown (Bass Kleph Remix)
Nouveau Yorican – Boriqua (Original Mix)
Mowgli – Paris to London (Original Mix)
Chuck Lepley – Six Days (Un-Original Mix)
Moussa Clarke & John Ashby – And The Beat Goes On (Original Mix)
Telephoned – Rockin That Thang (Original Mix)


Chubby Fingers – Jazze WMC Promo Mix

23 03 2010

Sitting here in the airport waiting to go to Miami. Finally got time to throw up this WMC promo mix from Jazze. Enjoy!

WMC 2010 Mixed CD

1. Don Diablo – I Am Not from France (Louis la Roche Remix)
2.Chubby Fingers – Into The Night (Jazz-e’s Relectrofucinmix)
3. Dj Dan – I Don’t Care (Hot Mouth Remix)
4. Chubby Fingers – Beat Box
5. Jay Robinson – Acid Line (Aniki’s Trippin Balls Mix)
6. Chubby Fingers – One’s and Two’s
7. Paul Anthony & ZXX – Let Me Bang
8. Paul Anthony & ZXX – Let Me Bang (Stupid Fresh Mix)
9. Aniki – Cut the Mix (Original Mix)
10. Sidney Sampson – Riverside (Will Bailey & Hot Mouth Simma Squad Remix)
11. Lee Mortimer & Foamo – Superman (Original Mix)
12. Binkers – Do It Right (Calvertron’s 59 Fifty Mix)
13. Digital Freq – Disco Falls (Original Mix)
14. Wolfgang Gartner – Undertaker (Original Mix)
15. Starkillers – Bitch Ass Trick (Alex Kidd Bootleg Remix)
16. Uberzone & Lee Combs – Right Now (Club Edit)
17. Itchyfeet – Junk Funked (Original Mix)
18. Chubby Fingers – Da Real Bad Mon
19. Hot Mouth – Jailbait Rinse (Feat. Reid Speed)
20. Cold Blank – Ghetto Ass Bitch (Original Mix)
21. Critical – Hype the Funk (Hirshee Mix)

Chubby Fingers vs Jay-Z Video

22 03 2010

This 2009 track that was made for the fun of it, has been re-tweaked, remastered & re-released.. Visuals done by the Chubby Fingers crew.. Download link below…

Chubby Fingers vs Jay-Z – The Greatest (Brush Your Shoulders Remix)

Mixcrate Pick!

18 03 2010

My October mix was featured as a pick of the week on!

Check it out here:

Don’t forget to head over to to upload yours and download other’s mixes!


17 03 2010

If you can’t tell, I am excited to be going to Miami for WMC! And very excited to go see ELITE FORCE and ZODIAC CARTEL.

The General has just released a new remix of Lee Combs’ “Punji”.

I was definitely feeling his heater “Emanuel Kosh – Make My Music (Zodiac Cartel Remix)” so I was looking forward to this. He does not disappoint. One of my favorite tracks ever is “Elite Force – Jack the Joint [Zodiac Cartel’s Flowing Mix]”. To me, this track has some of the same elements so I’m on it!

Take a listen below. It is out on now on LOT49 so get over to Beatport and buy it!

Lee Coombs – Punji (Zodiac Cartel Remix) by Zodiac Cartel

If you’re in Hungary, the South of France or out in Miami at WMC (like us) :) in the next 10 days or so and fancy taking in some Elite Force (and Zodiac Cartel) action, then I will be playing at the following parties …

19 Mar Zodiac Cartel @ U&A Recordings #01, Corvinteto, Budapest, HUNGARY
20 Mar Bounce 5th Anniversary, Toulouse, FRANCE
24 Mar Project Mayhem, Bar 721, Miami, USA
25 Mar [Elite Force Set] Call & Response, Purdey Lounge, Miami, USA
25 Mar [Zodiac Cartel Set] Call & Response, Purdey Lounge, Miami, USA
26 Mar Future Sound of Breaks @ Mekka, Miami, USA
27 Mar [Elite Force Set] Ultra Music Festival, Miami, USA
27 Mar [Zodiac Cartel Set @ Roots Society] Ultra Music Festival, Miami, USA

Yankee Zulu – Toma! (Video)

15 03 2010

sick song…. sick video!


12 03 2010

Got this nice rework in the mail the other day of this Kleerup song featuring Lykke Li from AUTODIDACTIC (AKA DUO DR) out of Sweden. Love the original so I was really interested in what was in store.
I was pleasantly surprised. A little more dancefloor and DJ friendly with beefier drums and a nice arrangement. I really like the rework alot and I love Lykke Li’s voice. Let me know what you think.


Check out other tracks by Duo Dr. :