1,2,3,4,5, BREAKDOWN!

5 11 2010

My bad!  I have been sleeping on Breakdown.   I get the tracks.  Listen to the tracks.  LOVE the tracks!  But don’t post because I’ve been so busy.  So again, my bad!!

I don’t think he’ll remember us but we gave Josh David and Whiskey Pete a ride to their hotel when they were here in San Francisco for the Potty Mouth Party at Mission Rock.  Both of them were really, really cool.  

So here is a breakdown (pun intended) of the BREAKDOWN tracks that I recently received.  Enjoy to the fullest!

NAS & Damian Marley – As We Enter (Breakdown Remix)

I’m really loving EVERYTHING about “Pet Monster”!   Great job! Check it! – BlaQwest

Breakdown – Pet Monster


To Listen & Download to Breakdown’s “October Podcast Mix” Click Here –
Breakdown’s “October Podcast Mix”

The Dance Party – Pretty Girl (Breakdown Remix)


Ghosts of Venice Debuts on Solid Bump Records

5 11 2010



Ghosts of Venice Debuts on Solid Bump Records
Lee Dunn (better known as Ghosts of Venice) has had a big year. He has lent his passion for jacked up disco house to a slew of official remixes including Grum’s “Can’t Shake This Feeling” and James Talk & Ridney’s massive Ibiza summer anthem “Forever”. In the coming months he will debut on Strictly Rhythm, which is a testiment to his sound. Solid Bump is proud to debut his first commercially available original track entitled “Her”. The song serves as a homage to the long days of a summer passed, with a highly swung laidback groove that keeps in perfect tow with the signature sound of Solid Bump.
The remix selection is a showcase of the exciting talent Solid Bump has in store in 2011, with a large portion of the label’s roster lending their spin on the single. White Girl Lust completely re-imagines the original as an epic piano house burner, complete with vocals from Alona. Chicago’s Bit Funk glosses the tune with his distinct synth-pop sheen. Meanwhile, Mix Chopin lives up to his name with a lively cut & paste session. The release is rounded out by the low-key vibes of Mykill & Meroz.
“Amazing release! Super deep and funky.” – Treasure Fingers
“Nice grooves. Solid.” – Grum
“Cool sample, cool track. The Bit Funk mix is the one for me.” – His Majesty Andre
“Bit Funk mix for me bro! Excellent across all mixes.” – Dcup
PROMO MP3 of Ghosts of Venice// Her (Mix Chopin Remix) // Solid Bump Records
Free Downloadable MP3 Link: http://soundcloud.com/solid-bump-records/ghosts-of-venice-her-mix-chopin-rmx-clip
Full EP Stream on Soundcloud: http://soundcloud.com/solid-bump-records/sets/ghosts-of-venice-her-ep-in-stores-oct-26th

Ghosts of Venice Interviewed By White Girl Lust (Tonight Show Interview Mash Up)

Royal Bastards – Bastardz (Fat Boy Pym Remix)

5 11 2010

Nice remix by my man Fat Boy Pym over at Move Da House Blog.
Check it out, download it, play it, leave some comments and show his blog some love. Good stuff over there by Sneaky Pete (Fat Boy Pym).

Royal Bastards – Bastardz (Fat Boy Pym Remix)

Japwow mix

4 11 2010

We recieved in the mail the first ever Japwow Mix. It aired first on Manchester Global Radio to over 2000 listeners. Japwow has thrown in many of her own edits and forthcoming releases along with some of the best jacking and tech house out there right now.

Please download, crank the speakers and enjoy this.


(Japwow / Japwow & Bidjro / The lempo and Japwow project)

1) Dj Jeroenski – Ha Ha
Acapella – De La Soul – Ooh Feat Redman
2) Dj Jeroenski – Bla Blah (Japwow Pushes it edit)
3) Taorus – Death by Stabbing (Mike Moorish remix) (Japwow’s friend’s runny milkshake edit)
4) Sebjack & Richard Grey – Pump up the volume
5) Eats everything – Road to Jack
6) Japwow – Trumpet Smack
7) Homework – Trumpet Express (Japwow’s Single Ladies edit)
8) Sherbet Dip – Sax and Me
9) Fat boy Slim vs Duck Sauce – The Barbara Skank (Myagi)
10) Japwow & Bidjro – Pimp Spender
11) Drop the lime – sex sax (Zombies for Money remix)
12) The Lempo and Japwow Project feat 80D – I’m sorry
13) Alex Gaudino – Destination Unknown (Japwow Remix)