FINALLY! Shinichi Osawa – EEAA (Mustard Pimp Remix)

28 05 2010

I’ve been waiting for the full version of this for so long. I don’t know what the deal is…why Mustard Pimp is giving this away now…and I don’t care.

When in Miami at WMC, we heard this EVERYWHERE we went and I could not get my hands on it. In fact, we saw Mustard Pimp outside of the hotel grabbing a cab after they played the Dim Mak party at Bleu Fountain. I tried asking them about the track but didn’t get anywhere. Now I have it and will be playing it out! And you can too! Download it now (unless you got it already). ENJOY!!!

Shinichi Osawa – EEAA (Mustard Pimp Remix)


Hijack Mix – May 2010

27 05 2010

You know what’s up!!

Hijack Mix – May 2010


1. Oliver $ – Lost Arrival
2. Induceve – Time To Begin (Acapella)
3. Kenny Larkin & Shlomi Aber – Sketches (Hijack Edit)
4. Dom Martin – See The Light (Hijack Edit)
5. Sick Jargon – I Can Get (Jack Union 19)
6. The Shoes – People Movin (Monsieur Monsieur Remix)
7. Hijack – Massive (Jack Union 18)
8. Skitzofrenix – Droppin That (Hijack Edit)
9. Nelski – Body Pop (Jesse Rose Remix)
10. DJ PP – Miami Vice
11. Olivier Giacomotto – 96 Degrees (Superskank Remix)
12. Eric P – Paranoid (Supabeatz Remix)
13. Eats Everything – Yum Yum (The Potato Heads Remix)
14. Hijack – Puttin It Down (Acapella)
15. Sick Jargon – LSR (Jack Union 19)
16. Jacob London – The First Chapter (Acapella)
16. Art vs Science – Parlez Vous Francais (Nadastrom Remix)
17. Taster Peter & Phunx – Rockin Africa (Supabeatz Remix / Hijack Edit)
18. Haezer – Who The Fuck Is (Ghet’s Noch? Remix)
19. Lee Mortimer – This Is Hot (Hijack Edit)
20. Solid Groove – Sicknagood (Hijack Edit)
21. Danny T & Chris James – Hustlin (Oliver $ Remix)
22. Hijack – Nuts (Jack Union 18)
23. Jeff Doubleu – Movin You
24. Eats Everything – Famaica Junk (Hijack Edit)
25. Hijack vs Chicken Lips – Me Myself & I
26. Bent – Always (Trevor Loveys Remix)

Chubby Fingers – Into The Night (Jazz-e’s Relectrofucinmix)

24 05 2010

Sorry for the lack of posts but we have been busy. New posts will be coming this week.

On another note, we are very proud to announce that our track “Into The Night (Jazz-e’s Relectrofucinmix)” has been picked up by Funktion Recordings out of Chicago. We don’t know the release date yet but stay tuned right here for more information. In the meantime, check out the video teaser below.


6 05 2010

Considering these guys share a studio in leafy suburban town of Kingston, its a rare occasion that you get to hear them on the same record, the last being ‘Role player/Long Acre’ back in 2009. This time around they have drafted in the vocal talents of Ashley Slater & Kristian Booth under their ‘Iconical’ moniker.

‘Only You’ is a brooding slab of melting electro trash! The rising bass-line is relentless and glorious in its peaks while it carries with it a classic acid house type feel (think Renegade Soundwave, Nitzer Ebb, Fini Tribe + Meat Beat Manifesto). As our boy Lee coombs puts it… ‘Its the Future sound of Retro’.

Three upcoming producers have been drafted in on remix duties. Brighton based Echo Vacio strip the whole track back and deliver a slamming peak-time Techno workout. Germany’s new young hopefuls Switchbox give an atmospheric tech-house interpretation that maintains the mood of the original and last but not least Stockholm’s Haggstrom funks it up and adds some bounce to the proceedings.

Dylan Rhymes & Meat Katie feat. Iconical “ONLY YOU” (ORIGINAL MIX) OUT NOWbyLOT49

Dylan Rhymes & Meat Katie feat. Iconical “ONLY YOU” (DUB) OUT NOWbyLOT49

Dylan Rhymes & Meat Katie feat. Iconical “ONLY YOU” (DUB) OUT NOWbyLOT49

Dylan Rhymes & Meat Katie feat. Iconical “ONLY YOU” (ECHO VACIO REMIX) OUT NOWbyLOT49

Dylan Rhymes & Meat Katie feat. Iconical “ONLY YOU” (SWITCHBOX REMIX) OUT NOWbyLOT49

Dylan Rhymes & Meat Katie feat. Iconical “ONLY YOU” (HAGGSTROM REMIX) OUT NOWbyLOT49

Echo Vacio Lot49 Guest Mix May 2010byLOT49


01. devi80r – d ramirez
02. only you – meat katie (echo vacio remix)
03. pandoras Box – echo vacio
04. paranoia – echo vacio
05. silver smile – sinisia lukic (roman gertz remix)
06. the button – thomas gold (umek remix)
07. broken cage – echo vacio
08. in miami 2010 – ricky stone (spartaque remix)
09. day tripper – h2
10. heckle & jyde – echo vacio
11. projekt x – loco and jam

Another diverse package from Lot49 – so here’s what the critics say…

Dubfire Switchbox 5/5
Laurent Garnier Faaaaat will play 4/5
D-Nox loud and rocking as always. peak time techno! will need it! 4/5
Plump DJ’s Haggstrom Remix is in my box 4/5
Tom Stephan Switchbox is doing it for me! 4/5
Freqnasty Kool Vibes 5/5
Far Too loud Wicked stuff 4/5 Lee Coombs Love the dark twisted bassline 5/5
Jamie Stevens (Infusion) Switchbox do it again 5/5
Circuit Freq will definitely be playing in my sets 4/5
Mateo Murphy FAAAAAAT 5/5
MC Flipside I am feeling the Big room vibe Haggstrom 4/5
Elite Force YAy 4/5
Matteo Esse Solid tech Groover 4/5
Richard Dinsdale Haggstrom remix is great 4/5
Dopamine Really like the Echo Vacio remix 5/5
Onionz Echo Vacio sounds banging 5/5
Audiojack 5/5
Mark Dynamix Evil driving Bassline 4/5
Jesse Voorn Haggstrom remix is cool 4/5
Reid Speed Definitely for the late night hardcore crew 4/5
IDJ Best Lot49 release for a while 5/5
Mixmag Great set of tunes 4/5
Neural Magazine, Italy Dangerous tune!!! Only You is gold!! 5/5