Vandal – Thrasher EP (Lot49)

26 04 2010

Vandal is one of the alias’ of DJ & producer Sam Evans. Vandal music is combination of a love of electronic music with a lifelong addiction to metal & punk. Through his Vandal guise Sam has created creating some truly global underground and dare we say it timeless anthems that have established him as a key figure in the world of Breakbeat and alternative electronic music. His combination of trademark heavyweight breaks & beats, dirty electronic basslines and twisted techno bleeps & beeps have gained him huge respect from his peers and the critics and resulting in both critical and commercial success, amassing a legion of fans and selling10s of 1000s of records and downloads. His DJ talents have taken him all around the world from Shanghai to San Francisco, Moscow to Seoul and pretty much every European country that has a nightclub!

The year 2001 saw Vandal’s first vinyl outing came via the respected Welsh label Plastic Raygun, a remix of kitsch German pop group “Stereo Deluxe”. Although the last track of four on the 12, it took everyone by surprise by becoming the most popular on the record, even the don of electronic music, Andrew Weatherall, championed the remix. With the Weatherall seal of approval Vandal was up and running. His debut single “Delivering The Goods” came out in 2001, also on Plastic Raygun label. It featured two tracks ‘Boom Stick’ and ‘Mam Tor’, two truely original heavyweight electro/breaks crossovers that immeadtiatly established Vandal as a key new figure in the rapidly growing world of breakbeat. American magazine XLR8R made ‘Delivering The Goods’ Breaks Single of the Month and stated; “Vandal is severely in the place”. NME raved about it, BBC radio 1 played it and all the top DJ’s supported it. By the end of 2001 Vandal was voted fifth best producer in the world and “Boom Stick” was voted third best single of 2001 by Breakspoll (International Breakbeat Awards). Not bad considering he only released one single and a couple of of remixes over that 12 month period.

Over 2003 a string of successful singles for Plastic Raygun and remixes for artists like Jean Jacques Smoothie, Paolo Mojo and Stabilizer followed. Winning praise and support from some of the biggest DJs in the world, the likes of Adam Freeland, Daddy G (Massic attack), Plump DJs, James Zabelia and even Paul Van Dyke all showing their Vandal love.

In late 2004 Vandal left Plastic Raygun and sent a demo to Meat Katie, the respected DJ who had just set up his fledgling label LOT49. The track was called Mad As Hell and it was signed up within a day of the label receiving it. This tune defined the phrase ‘it blew up!’ It’s safe to say this was a run away success. Over the summer of 2005 Mad As Hell was literally everywhere, destroying dancefloors around the world and tearing up the global airwaves. Even Zane Lowe, one of the most influential alternative DJs of recent times, made Mad As Hell the hottest record in the world and single of the week on his Radio 1 show resulting in live interview on air.

2006 through 2008 things became really hectic. With Mad As Hell taking Vandal’s profile to an all time high the following LOT49 singles ‘Obey’, ‘Idiots’ and the Blende collaboration ‘Healthy Boy’ further cemented Vandal in the big league of electronic music, ‘Idiots’, backed up by a class Audiojack remix, spent over a month in the overall top 10 sales chart on Beatport. Following on from these singles sam completed numerous remixes for a range of acts including The Rogue Element, Futureheads, Operahouse & Elite Force. During this period Vandal completed his 4\super th\nosupersub guest mix for the legendary Annie Nightingale and her Radio 1 show, Pete Tong showed his love and Vandal music was featured on everything from Compilations to computer games, climbing DVDs to cop show, CSI!. Vandal also finally began gaining recognition for his much lauded DJ sets. Taking his bag electronic sounds to the far reaches of the planet. 2007 saw Vandal start a hugely successful residency in Berlin, which still runs to this day. 2007 was also the Vandal played Fabric for the first time.

In 2009 Vandal released monster singles like the huge ‘Captain Magic’ and the Hyper collaboration, “Fugazi”, the tunes gained support from the likes of Groove Armada, Elite Force, Arveene & Misk & The Whip. Vandal also delivered remixes of Product 01, Them:Youth, Tape The Radio & Delta Fiasco. 2009 was also the year he made his 10th appearance at Fabric, during those appearaences Vandal has shared bills with the likes of Adam Freelend, Stanton Warriors, Skream and James Lavelle .At the end of ’09 Vandal launched his brand new label Benefit Recordings, the first release being the fierce ‘Big Dog EP’.

The trend of each year becoming bigger continues into 2010. Already this year Vandal has released his monster remix of Dylan Rhymes & Tom Real’s ‘Godzilla’ and his ‘Mad As Hell’ track has been sampled by Elite Force for his ‘M.A.D’ track. The rest of the year looks even more promising. Alongside building up his label Benefit, this summer will also see the release of Vandal’s debut album which will be supported by a promo campaign featuring four LOT49 singles. There will also be remixes for labels like Beats We Trust, Dusted Breaks, Get Electrified, Ape and Yellowfinger out later in the year. In the mean time enjoy his latest offering on Lot49, The Trasher EP, featuring 3 transcending club bangers, “They’re Here”, “Tonight We Ride” and “Smell The Glove” that have been part of our armory for the last 6 months, tearing up floors around the globe from Berlin to Istanbul, Moscow to Sheffield.

Lot49’s latest sonic adventure sees label stalwart Vandal return to the fore with this monstrous Thrasher EP. Vandal’s previous releases such as ‘Mad as Hell’, ‘Obey’, ‘Idiots’ and last year’s ‘Captain Magic’ have gained him a reputation for producing no nonsense, energy fuelled floorfillers and this EP is no exception.

Here Vandal has crafted 3 genre transcending club bangers that have been part of our armoury for the last 6 months, tearing up floors around the globe from Berlin to Istanbul, Moscow to Sheffield.


Vandal “The Street Is Watching” DJ Mix – April 2010 by LOT49


Computer Juice ‘Computer Juice’ [Turbo]
Miles Dyson ‘Frogs & Toads’ [Plasmapool]
Erol Alkan & Boys Noize ‘Death Suite’ (DJ Mehdi EDIT) Vandal Edits the Edit Edit [Boys Noize]
Mr Tools ‘Sexy Doll’ (Vandal Remix) [Get Electrified]
Herve ‘Zombies’ [Cheap Thrills]
Randolph & Mortimer ‘ORBTL’ (Black Sushi Remix) [Benefit]
Felix Cartel ‘Love’ Vandal needs more drums Edit [Dim Mak]
Vandal ‘They’re Here’ [LOT49]
Roland M. Dill ‘Low Go’ [Trapez]
Vandal ‘Big Dog’ (Fussy Boy Remix) [Benefit]
Vandal ‘Smell The Glove’ [LOT49]
Boy 8-Bit ‘The Keep’ [This Is Music]
Slyde ‘Move Ya Body’ (Rolla Mix) [CDR]
Vandal ‘Tonight We Ride’ [LOT49]
Bloody Beetroots ’31 Seconds to Die’ [Dim Mak]



Chris James & Cubs – Close Your Eyes

22 04 2010

Groovy minimal fidgety tech track here from Chris James & Cubs. I love it!
Enjoy it for yourself. It’s FREE.


22 04 2010

Album: Dancing In My House 04.10
Title: Anniversary Session
Mixed by: Daytona892
Genre: House, Tecnho, Tribal, Progressive & Vocal
Year: 2010
Release Date: 2010/04/10
Quality: 192kbps CBR / 44.1Khz / Full Stereo
Playtime: 75:30 min.
Size: 104 MB

Lista de Temas
01. Intro DIMH
02. Carlos Gallardo feat. Rebeka Brown – Don’t Let This Moment End
(Special Intro Session Version)
03. Mr. Danny & Carlos Roll – Virux (Aitor Galan Remix)
04. Dj Chus Presents The Groove Foundation – That Feeling (Wow & Flute Remix)
05. Jo Cappa & David feat. Patrizze & Nuria Swan – I’m Gonna Forget You
(Submission DJ Remix)
06. Tiesto – Lethal Industry (Oscar L 2010 Remix)
07. RomanShark & Dj Ferr feat. Mar Shine – Beachball (Aitor Galan Remix)
08. Carlos Alarcon, Jordi M & Miguel Ibañez feat. Josephine Sweet – Happy Me
(Markus dB & Dj Suri ‘Happy Rusts’ Remix)
09. Albert Neve & DJ Obek feat. Ambush – Atun Con Pan (Original Mix)
10. Ferran Benavent feat. Jean Ngor Maack – No words (Chus Soler & J.Louis Remix)
11. Oscar G. & Ralph Falcon – Dark Beat (Ivan Gomez & Nacho Chapado 2010RMX)
12. Ovidi Adlert & Borja Cubes – Beat Your Ass (Original Mix)
13. Abel Almena feat. Bearlin – Process (Original Mix)
14. Ivan The Muru & Jose De Mara feat. Giovanna – Dance Of Light
(Luque & Velarde Revision Mix)
15. Wow & Flute – Zumafrica (Paco Maroto Remix)
16. Axel & DJ Puku feat. Nalaya – Love At Loft (Carlos Gallardo GT2 Remix)

Gudah – Till The Day

22 04 2010

My man Gudah is an artist from out here in California. Vallejo to be exact. He is on All Gas No Brakes, a local label owned and run by my man Mr. White.

On a long ass trip to a gig up in Redding Gudah and Mr. White got to listen to some of Chubby Fingers beats. Gudah liked a few of them including one called Sweet Tweak. He kept having me play this beat for him. I was watching him in the rear view mirror as I drove. It was amazing to see him go through his process. We listened to the beat a few times while he wrote to it, not on paper, mind you. He was writing this in his head. A couple of days later he came to the studio and we knocked out “Till The Day”. He’s been performing it all over the Bay Area and it’s getting a very nice response.

Take a listen and let us know what you think. I’ve also included the original song as well as a mash-up vs. Deadmau5 put together by DJ Chris Fonseca out in Texas.

Gudah – Till The Day –

Chubby Fingers – Sweet Tweak –

Gudah – Till The Day (DJ Chris Mash-Up)-

Check out more of Gudah here:


21 04 2010


reaching an other amazing level, Brixen (North Italy) goes international, calls the big ones in the leading electro scene, the main act of our next festival is nobody less than Dirty Disco Youth under Steve Aoki’s label Dim Mak Rekords!! With him other 15 djs from UK, Lissabon, Hamburg, Berlin, Vienna, Zurich, Venice will rock the love electro festival. More space, party people can shake on three floors and relax in a chill out area! Young designers have created awesome love electro t shirts available in the chill out area.

Harder better faster stronger

Date & Where:
Friday – 30 April 2010, Club Max, North Italy (Bressanone)



Facebook Fanpage:

Facebook Event:

Line Up:
L.A.S.E.R. (UK/Italy)
The Stereo Youth (Zurich / Switzerland)
Risko Disko (Lisbon/Portugal)
Digitate (Berlin/Germany)
ABCD (Venice/Italy)
2Handsup (Feldkirch /Austria)
Struboskop (Vienna/Austria)
Pierrot the Clown (Innsbruck/Austria)
Schuster&Schneider (Bruneck/ Italy)
Dj Boma (Bozen/Italy)
Max Power (Brixen/Italy)
Forest Home Bitches (South Tyrol/Italy)
Mr. Softee (Bozen/Italy)

Darryl Von Rokk – Crash the Party Mixxx

20 04 2010

This mix is from Darryl Von Rokk over at the Digital Eargasm Blog… Got some hard hitting tracks on this.

Darryl Von Rokk – Crash The Party Mixxx

  1. Mark Morrïson – Return of the Mack (spencer & hïll remix)
  2. Kläas vs Haddaway – What is Love (fee dee bootleg mix)
  3. Dab feat. Sushy – Grease (diego abaribi & paolo sandrini club mix)
  4. Aerosmith – Dream On (BeMax & whilliam rise remix)
  5. Laurant Wolf – Walk the Lïne (club mix)
  6. Funkerman – Fallïng in love (rec & rec extended remix)
  7. Ultra Flïrt – The tïme is now (max k remix)
  8. Sir-G feat. DeeCee – I Can Dream About You (extended mix)
  9. Alkatraz – Abracadabra (boost extended mix)
  10. Detroit Inc. – Turn me loose (extended club mix)
  11. Bon Jovï – You Give Love (nikko v club remix)

Rektchordz – Speaker Bump

17 04 2010

(Featuring Remixes by The Loops of Fury, Vaski & Pete Jordan)

Sample/Buy now on Beatport Click Here
U&A stalwart Rektchordz (aka Jamie Smithson) is back & firing on all cylinders with his latest bomb from the tech-funk trenches.

‘Speaker Bump’ is prime time techy tackle for electro-heads with a familiar vocal hook and a whole world of whomp, we expect this to appeal to many of his previous supporters, including Laurent Garnier, James Zabiela, Meat Katie, Nick Warren, Slam and Will Bailey amongst many others.

On remix duty, fresh from remixing the debut single on the Plump DJs new label, The Loops of Fury come correct with their Battleweapon techno-take. We then have mixes from two very different but equally exciting emerging production talents … first up, Beatport-topping dubstep superstar -in-waiting ‘Vaski’ smacks the living daylights out of it with a seismic rumbler, whilst Spectum legend ‘Pete Jordan’s reworking is a massive wonky classic to keep the warehouse kids more than happy.

As a bonus ball – check out Rektchordz new promo mix which is up for free download right now from his Soundcloud page where you can also sample the whole Speaker Bump package!

“So THAT’S where Rektchordz has been! Producing pulsating peak time electro greatness deliciously served with a side of zip-tastic electro from The Loops, massive bass from Vaski and warehouse vibes from Pete Jordan. You Beauty!” [InTheMix Magazine]
“I always reach for U&A tracks whenever I need to bring more uncouth ‘flavaz’ to a discotheque, and this will be heading straight to the front of the wallet. Pete Jordan’s groover is my pick o’ the bunch.” [Kristian Dando (i-DJ)]
“Liking the Original mix – radio play & support from me!” [Annie Nightingale (Radio One)]
“Liking the Original mix” [Laurent Garnier (Everywhere)]
“I won’t lie, I’ve had the original for a while and I drop it every set. BIG tune. F*cking love it. This one sounds better if it’s any consolation :)” [Stupid Fresh (Various)]
“Good good goooooood 5/5” [Popof (Heretik / Various)]
“Support for the Vaski Mix from us!” [The Bloody Beetroots]
“Funky track – will definitely play out” [Orde Meikle – Slam (Soma)]
“Original is for me but I like the Vaski Mix too!” [Hatiras (Hatrax)]
“Killer Package” [Meat Katie]
“Always have a lot of time for U&A releases. The original definitely works for me.”
[Lee Mortimer (Wearhouse Music)]
“Pete Jordan can’t go wrong…. Thanks!!!!! Great stuff!” [Peo de Pitte (Various)]
“All mixes are badass, the original is my fav of the lot!” [Aniki (Various)]
“The Loops of Fury Mix is sick!” [Electric Soulside (Plasmapool / Various)]
“Loops of Fury mix is the one for me.” [Vandal (Lot 49)]
“The original is a solid thumper. The Loops mix is, as always with their mixes, completely mesmerizing. The dark, crispy dub-stop mix by Vaski with be haunting the more experimental dancefloors for sure. Quite the package!” [Rabbit in the Moon]
“Original is sick but really feeling the Loops of Fury mix” [Micky Slim (Godskitchen)]
“It’s a rumbling affair. not sure which mix to use as all are rocking it for me. great package!” [JELO (The Love Bug)]
“Rolli Polli Bass, dynamite!” [TJR (Potty Mouth, Jack Union)]
“The Loops Of Fury Mix is hands down awesome!!” [Ben & Lex (Beatz & Bobz)]
“Pete Jordan and Original mix for me!” [The Bulgarian (Potty Mouth / Various)]
“Very cool electro number 5/5” [fRew (Vacation)]
“Original is awesome.. nice peak time electro flavours!” [Sharooz (Worldwide)]

Sample/Buy now on Beatport Click Here