31 01 2009

We’ve been busy for a minute but we’re back in the swing of things. We’ve got some original Chubby Fingers tracks coming this week for you.  For now, here is some stuff that we’ve gotten in the mail.  Keep ’em comin! 

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Trouble Andrew – “Chase Money (TADT Remix)”


TADT welcomes the 44th President by releasing a spanking new remix of  Trouble Andrew’s “Chase Money” by The American Dream Team.

MF: Trouble Andrew – Chase Money (The American Dream Team REMIX)

ZS: Trouble Andrew – Chase Money (The American Dream Team REMIX)


A-Trak – Say Whoa (Minus Remix)

The homie Minus over at No Requests Please  sent us  his remix of A-Trak’s ” Say Whoa”.  Check it out and let him know what you think.   When you get a chance go check out their blog. It’s chock full of  good stuff.

MF: A-Trak – Say Whoa (Minus Remix)

ZS: A-Trak – Say Whoa (Minus Remix)


Conquistadors – Stuntin Like My Daddy remix


The Conquistadors  hit us with this nice remix of Birdman & Lil Wayne. Peep it here.

ZS:  Conquistadors- Stuntin Like My Daddy remix


Scripts ‘N Screwz


Scripts ‘N Screwz is an experimental/electro hip hop group based out of E. St. Louis, IL. They have a Remix for their song “Brick” –  .  They also have a new album called “The New Noise”.

Scripts ‘N Screwz – Brick (Remix) (zshare)

Check them out here:

They also have a video for the song “Big City Lights” which I am definitely feeling.

Video Link:



Hot Noizes is a crew out of the Ukraine in Russia.  Check out their remixes below:

Breaks remix
CITY ZEN feat. PAPRIKA – Solnca Slezi (Hot Noizes remix) or
Tech House remix
CITY ZEN feat. PAPRIKA – HOLODNO (Hot Noizes remix)  or


Well Known Pleasures


Here we have a nice track from VEGA. It’s called Well known Pleasures and the EP will be released on Vogue College Records in March. VEGA was known to be the former frontman of Ghosthustler and recently parted ways and released All Too Vivid, which blew up on the internet. Check out the track below.

Direct Download: VEGA :: Well Known Pleasures


Glender & Cyon-Unknow Places(Topo & LMK Remix)

MF:Glender & Cyon-Unknow Places(Topo & LMK Remix)

ZS: Cyon-Unknow Places(Topo & LMK Remix)


New Santiago & Bushido!!

30 01 2009

Potty Mouth Music has been on the forefront of “forward thinking house music”.  Each of their releases bring something new and fresh to the table. And this is no different. 

 Just released is an EP from two of Potty Mouth’s artists that have been making big noise as of late, Santiago & Bushido.

The “SECOND NATURE EP” –  (PMM024)  features 3 original tracks by the duo and a remix by Johnny Fiasco and is only available on Beatport exclusively for 4 weeks.

Peep the 128 samples below, then go to Beatport and cop the EP. Your dancefloor will thank you.

Santiago & Bushido“SECOND NATURE EP” – (PMM024)

Second Nature

Can’t Be Wrong


Can’t Be Wrong (Johnny Fiasco Remix)

For more information visit
Check out the new message board at

Dada Life January 2009 Mix

19 01 2009

Another mix from Dada Life here.  We really enjoyed the September mix and we expect more greatness from this Swedish duo.  Their album is due out very soon.  Until then, enjoy!

MF: Dada Life January 2009 Mix

The Timelords/KLF – Doctorin’ The Tardis (Dada Life Guerilla Fart #8)
Malente – Bring That Lead Back
Bird Peterson – Pete Goes Off
Fukkk Offf – Rave Is King (Le Castle Vania Remix)
Maskinen – Pengar
Alex Kidd – Rockin Down (Dirty Mix)
Lazy Jay – Float My Boat
Sharooz – Get Off (Miles Dyson Remix)
Mustard Pimp – Oh La La Satan
Chuckie – Let The Bass Kick
Super Viral Brothers – Back In The Swamp
Tiga – Mind Dimension 2
Dada Life – Rubber Band Boogie
Tim Healey feat TC – Out Of Control (Pablo Decoder Superior Mix)
DJ Mujava – Township Funk (Sinden Remix)
Siriusmo – Too Simple

What’s Going On Here?

18 01 2009


Champion Beats has been coming out with some fidgety heat lately and their latest is no different. It comes from their first UK signing Scott Harris (who has another track featured on this blog  here).   There are a variety of remixes here. Below are samples for you to check out.  Please support the artist and go to Beatport to pick up the full versions.

MF: ScottHarris-What’sGoingOnHere-Original
MF: ScottHarris-What’sGoingOnHere-RaymondMatherRemix
MF: ScottHarris-What’sGoingOnHere-JustinJamesRemix
MF: ScottHarris-What’sGoingOnHere-MattCoxRemix
MF: ScottHarris-What’sGoingOnHere-MeltingManRemix
MF: ScottHarris-What’sGoingOnHere-NathanBoonRemix

Bonus:  Scott Harris January  ’09 Mix


Chubby Mailbag

18 01 2009

Here we have some things sent to us through our email links.  Please keep sending us your tracks and mixes.  We love to promote other artists.

Chew Fu the Refixer

Wiley–Cash In My Pocket(Chew Fu SMall Room fix)(Asylum records)


Chew Fu “Cash In My Pocket” DJ Set
MF:  Chew Fu “Cash In My Pocket”

1.The Streets-Get out of my house (Chew Fu H=H fix)
2.Wiley-Cash in my pocket(Chew Fu Small room fix)
3.Chew Fu-Chicks & Pills
4.Frank Sinatra-New York New York(Chew Fu Big room fix)
5.Frankie Finch & Chew Fu -Let it Go
6.Chew Fu & King B-hey Shawty
7.The Score-We Got You(Chew Fu refix)
8.Master SHortie-Rope Chain(Chew Fu refix)
9.Chew Fu & J-cast-Bakerstreet(Chew Fu Barfight fix)
10.Missy Elliott-Lick Shots(Chew Fu Refix)
11.Chew Fu & Popov-i`m the man in my city
12.Wiley-cash in my pocket(Chew Fu Big Room fix)
13.Depeche mode-enjoy the silence(Chew Fu fix)
14.OASIS-The Turning(Chew Fu Fix)
15.M.A.W.-Work(Chew Fu Fix)
16.Master Shortie-Dead end(Chew Fu Fix)
17.Busta & Link Park-We made it(Chew Fu Fix)
18.Chew Fu & Steve Clisby-Stand by me
19.the Doors-People are strange(Chew Fu Fix)
20.Kanye West – Love Lockdown(Chew Fu Small room fix)


Ladywawke – Back Of The Van (KiD COLA Remix



Zshare: Ladywawke – Back Of The Van (KiD COLA Remix)

After Radio 1 plays from Kissy Sell Out and Frankmusik labelling KiD his new favourite artist alongside an incredible amount of support from blogs, the latter part of 2008 was an incredible ride for KiD COLA.
On the back of this, 2009 sees KiD COLA starting afresh with a massive remix of Ladyhawke’s “Back Of The Van”, which utilises Pip Brown’s pop sensibilities and KiD’s knack for puling out great hooks, as well as massive house beats, wobbling synths and even some dubstep influence. One could be mistaken for thinking this was going to be a lighthearted indie re-edit, until a stab of low end leads into his trademark drum pattern and the bass slams in, leading to all kinds of dancefloor destruction and on to newer territories for this young producer who is refusing to duped into a pidgeon-hole.

Words about KiD COLAs remix of  Ladywawke –

…KiD COLA takes a distinctly Moroder-influenced disco track and turns it into a start/stop/start blissful four-and-a-half minutes…The Culture Of Me

…Dark and dirty with minor key synths and breathy samples…Clean breaks lighten
the tone, but only for moments…D Squared

 Open Your Heart (Roberto Winny Unofficial Remix) – Axwell



Here we have an unofficial remix for the Axwell track  “Open Your Heart” by Roberto Winny. Enjoy!



Ve Es Ka

A new label called Korporated Records sent us 2 versions of this track



MF: Ve Es Ka – Tiganu’ Clubber (Vocal Radio Edit)

MF: Ve Es Ka – Tiganu’ Clubber (Electro Vocal Radio Edit)

Mighty, Mighty, MightyFools!

17 01 2009


Thanks again to Monster Says Rawr  for the following megapost!!!

The picture says it all this E.P. has some big hype to live up to. The combination of massive originals (3 of them!) and massive remixes (5 of them!)  all brought to you by a label quickly rising in the scene as bringing guaranteed heat with support from scene heavyweights such as Stupid Fresh, Lee Mortimer & Nick Supply. This E.P. really has a lot to deliver!  Firstly.. who are the artists bringing the boom this time?


Mightyfools are fresh from their success over the Atlantic with Pottymouth that saw them hit top 10 on the Beatport chart with their remix of Chris James & Lee Dearn’s Torcida Cumbia released on the 28th November. Featured on the BBC Radio 1 show hosted by Kissy Sell Out, this Dutch duo are quickly proving their potential with signings from labels such as A New Hope Records, Palms Out Sounds, Crux, Illeven Eleven & obviously Venga Digital & Pottymouth. 

They first came to attention of the fidget scene with bootlegs of Kelis, DMX and Oh Snap!

Check out one of their mixes here                


AC Slater

Trouble and Bass member, signed to Freek, Palms Out Sounds, Destination?, Interscope and even Ministry of Sound what hasn’t been said about this Brooklyn producer that hasn’t already been said. A big big remix from the modern legend as he works his magic on the track Amsterdam in this release.

This year he has high hopes for his label venture ‘Party Like Us’; the topic for a Franki Chan interview (well worth a read). Anyone with any memory to the last year could pick out several tracks that have destroyed the dancefloors. If you can’t, just hit a search on our blog!

AC Slater’s Interview with Franki Chan @ iheartcomix

Guest Mix @Kiss FM



These guys are newcomers to our blog so lets run a brief biog about them.

They hail from Utrecht, Netherlands and they focus heavily on putting on an awesome show. Their roster includes 3 DJs, a host/MC and also a VJ group in the form of Subliminal Mess. Check out their myspace for more information about their record label (releasing on the 17th January including a Mightyfools remix).

They take on Amsterdam and give it a remix aimed at creating messy scenes at peak time with an unmistakable dirty e-guitar hook and a filtered breakdown.



Oh SNAP!’s description of himself is just perfect.

“A self-professed check-to-check millionaire and inventor of the Fab-U-Fly lifestyle, OH SNAP!! is everything that is right, and wrong with society. Not really a DJ, and not really a rapper, as both imply talent, OH SNAP!! is trying to conquer the world with his average looks, average flow, and his “you might like him, you might not like him” personality.”

His remix on this release mixes up the track ‘More Gunz’ and turns it from a crunked up, bass driven bonanza to a more chilled stomper edging toward the baltimore style, incorporating some wicked new vocals. Very different to the rest of the release and no doubt one of his best.

He kinda looks like Frankie Boyle. 



Liam Vizzle

Venga Digital co-owner and fully fledged producer in his own right, Liam Vizzle takes More Gunz and wonks it up with a gritty but deep bassline and then jacks it up with clever percussion & sample effects; using More Gunz’s best elements to perfection! The minimix doesn’t do this track justice, check out the full version when it’s released!

Awesome Liam Vizzle Bootlegs Here



Heavyfeet are the two man, Manchester based,  production and DJ team. Everything you need to know its on their myspace or on the Beatportal interview below. Give it a read!  If you search our blog you will find plenty of Heavyfeet tracks. 

Another huge signing for Venga Digital with an adventurous remix of the Addict track. They use influences from 90’s happy hardcore. It’s not a subtle use either, sounding like a modern homage to the likes of Breeze & Styles. Like it or loath it you cannot deny the damage the drop brings. 

Beatportal Interview with HeavyFeet

This release is all about the originals, they are Mightyfools at their very best. The big name remixes are no weak links though, every track is brilliant in this release. Our favourite would have to be Mightyfools – More Gunz.

Who thought 2009 would start on such a bang? 
Mightyfools – Partyjunkies EP 

Release: 19th January 2009 

A1 – Amsterdam Ft Guerilla Speakerz (Original) 
A2 – Amsterdam (AC Slater Remix) 
A3 – Amsterdam (Boemklatsch Remix) 
A4 – More Gunz (Original) 
A5 – More Gunz (Oh Snap! Remix) 
A6 – More Gunz (Liam Vizzle Remix) 
B1 – Addict (Original) 
B2 – Addict (HeavyFeet Remix) 



14 01 2009

I am pleased to announce that Chubby Fingers is bringing KELEVRA to San Francisco!  This is sure to be an amazing night of music!  This is a FREE Show so stop by and enjoy the sounds of this incredible producer and DJ. Info is below…